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Aug 21, 2001

Aug 21, [Savage Garden, "The Lover After Me"]

Ok well today’s been really cool. I went into NP again this morning and

worked on some stuff, it was good times there. Lots of fun. I got Ramsey

(Who’s really cute by the way) to post my name and shit on the Alumni Page.

(I was going to put a link to the page and a link to a pic of Ramsey, but

it appears that Kahoutek is dead.) He

also put a link to this page, hehe. It’s cool. I left there about 2 and

went to Angie’s house. We hung out there for a little bit then left for

the GLRC. It was fun times there, we watched "What Makes A Family."

It’s a really good movie, but it’s really sad. I cried.

We left there and went back to Ankeny cause we were going to go to Java

Joes with Angie’s neighbor, but she couldn’t so Mandy, Angie and I went

to Village Inn and had supper. After that we went down to Java Joes and

hung out there. Matt and Josh from RENT (Both really fucking hot) were playing

there tonight, so we hung out tell 10 when they started. They’re really

good. I found out tonight that RENT tickets for when they’re in Ames in

Oct. are on sale now, so we’ll all have to get some here soon, cause I realy

fucking want to see it.

Adam had to leave there a bit before 11 and I had some stuff to give him,

so we walked back to his car, and I gave him the tins that my Curve came

in, I also gave him a little travel thing of it, cause I knew he wanted

it. We hugged there and I so didn’t want to let him go. For me it feels

like I’m going half way across the country. I know it’s only to Ames, less

then an hour away, but I know that once I get up there, I won’t be able

to come back that often, or to hang out with him everyday. And that’s going

to be really sad. I so don’t want to leave. I really don’t. I got a kiss

from him tonight, which surprised me, but I was happy. I got teary. Sometimes

I wish that we could give a relationship another shot, but I know it probably

wouldn’t work. I’d like to try it, but it’s best that we don’t. And I also

don’t think he’s ready for a relationship. Angie said today that she thought

he needed to get a GF or BF to get his mind off things, and I personally

don’t think he’s ready. Not just cause I still want him, but because I really

don’t think he’s ready. Whatever. We’re really close friends now, and right

now I’m enjoying that more then anything. I love being his friend. And I

love him dearly as a friend.

Julian‘s website works again. I

was bored last night and wanted to see if he had posted anything new so

I got on there and fixed it for him. Cause well I wanted something to read.

That blue background isn’t the most interesting thing to look at.

I have an interview tomorrow in Ames at Krell

I found out today that Omar (Ramsey’s brother, who’s also really cute) has

his own office there. I think that’d be bloody fucking cool. I hope I get

the job there, I could do it.

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