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Aug 20, 2001

Aug 20, [Tonic, "Mountian"]

Today’s just been awsome. I went into NP this morning at 8 or so, I was

told there’d be people there to get me into things since they chnaged the

root passwords and hadn’t told me the new ones yet. So I got there, and

no one was there, so I just hung around and got some tunes going and stuff

and did small things. They finally got there about 9:30 or 10. We got some

stuff done, but still couldn’t get SMTP to accept connections so I have

to go in tomorrow to work on that some more. I was supposed to be doing

research on that today, but never got around to it. I’ll just call Barb

tomorrow and have her tell me how to fix it, that’s the best way to do it.

About 11 I went over to Angie’s and had lunch with her. After lunch we

just hung out at her house and packed. We hung out there and had good time.

Adam came over after school and we did random things. We went to Wal-Mart

and Angie dropped off her film, then Nina called and Angie went into work.

Grrr about that. After Angie left Adam and I went back to his house and

worked on his website, that was ammusing as hell cause well. His mom soooooooooo

knows about him. Hehe. After that I went over to Xak’s and hung out with

Angie, Mandy and Xak. It as good times, even though I was sleeping most

of the time I was there. Oh well.

Adam and I talked a bit about how things are going. Things aren’t good

for him, or me really. I mean not in the sence of things between us. Because

our relationship as friends is so great right now. But things in general

are going bad for the both of us. Leaving, school starting, summer ending.

It’s all just bad right now.

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