Author: Cj B

  • Dec 11, 2000

    Dec 11. yeah it’s like noon or there about, it’s BLOODY FUCKING COLD. damn it. last night we got about 4 inches of snow and it’s still snowing. and the high today is supposed to be -2 or something and they are saying windchills from -30 to -70 for the next week, o joy. sounds […]

  • Dec 10, 2000

    Dec 10, i guess, i think it’s sunday. yeah. well yeah, yesterday was great. but today’s sucked ass so far. i got up early, i don’t know why, but i layed in bed for hours, just thinking about danny, again, wishing i had him here just so icould cuddle close to him and hold him. […]

  • Dec 9, 2000

    Dec 9 OMG. last night was sooooooooooooo great. i was on cloud 9, i really love danny. he’s so sweet. ahhhhhhh. yeah. OMG, it was so great. after he left i just kinda sat there thinking about him. for hours, and when i got up this morning i just sat there thinking about how much […]

  • Dec 8, 2000

    Dec 8, some time after dark. ahhhhhh, it’s been a good day so far. went and took a test in CSC 105, that was easy, then my partner and i got that project done, and then i came back here and wondered round for a bit doing general stuff. then i went to a meeting […]

  • Dec 7, 2000

    Dec 7 8:04 Pm, well it’s been a long day, kinda. we had math bright and early this morning, god i hate that class. ARG. but yeah, some good news did come out of the situation, he’s not going to grade the assingments now. that’s good. i guess. but yeah and then we had programing […]