Author: Cj B

  • Jan 10, 2001

    WOW, i lived through christmas break, and what a ton to talk about. well i guess i shall start where the last left off, eh? well on sat the 23rd we went to my uncles house and had christmas there, that really sucked ass. pam was there the fucking bitch. it just plain sucked, i […]

  • Dec 21, 2000

    Dec 21 well i’m all done with finals and shit now, yeah. yesterday my last final was canceled so i left about noon to come home cause they were daying really bad weather today and fri. So i left but not after a hole shit load of problems, first i couldn’t find the damn ra […]

  • Dec 18, 2000

    Dec 18, opps i slipped a couple days, o well, hehe, not much has been going on round here lately. I’ve been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking bored, you want to know how fucking bored i’ve been i found some HS’s website and COMPLETELY redid the damn thing, go check it out here, it’s pretty good. but yeah, […]

  • Dec 15, 2000

    Dec 15. well i thought there for a second i had missed a day but i guess not, today was the last day of CLASSES, YEAH. i’m talking to danny now, hehe, were talking bout relationships i guess, i don’t really know. lol. but yeah all went well today i guess, i went through 10 […]

  • Dec 14, 2000

    Dec 14. my god i’m keeping this updated quite well i’m happy for myself, hehe. well hey todays been pretty cool. i got a job offer to work at out of council camps, but the best part is that one of the councils is the cradle of liberity council in philly. that would be soo […]