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Aug 02, 2001

Aug 2, [Live, "I Alone"]

Grrr. Fucking ass parents. So I get up this morning and I come down stairs

and sit down at my computer to do my normal morning stuff. You know check

my mail, etc, etc. My dad comes in and starts interogating me about things.

First he bitches about the solution that’s in the bathroom that I use for

my ear, "What’s that shit in the bathroom." "It’s for my

ear." "So what do you soak your head in it." Now what the

fucking hell would you say that for, do you have to have every little fucking

things explained to you, can’t I just fucking say, "It’s for my ear."

and that be the fucking end of the conversation, but no, he has to start

smart ass comments. So I said, "Did I say it was for my head?"

And he goes, "No but your ear is attached to your head." GRRR.

Dumb mother fucker. Then he starts asking me about the pond, "How’d

you get the pond so clean?" "I cleaned the filters." "Did

you let the dog in it?" "I don’t know." "What do you

mean, you don’t know, either you did or you didn’t." So now I’m thinking,

well gee, since I just let the fucking dog out the back door and I don’t

watch him, how would I know if he’s in the pond or not. So I say, "I

don’t know" and then he goes off on me about that. Then he’s like,

"Why’s the mop up in your bathroom?" And I said, "Cause Andy

left it up there last time he cleaned." then he said, "Well when

we got home there was water leaking from the ceiliing" "Well I

don’t know how it got there" And then he starts bitching at me about

how if I did something to just tell them, cause if a pipe is busted then

they need to fix it and such, and I told him "I don’t know" and

then my mom’s over there, mumbling, "If the toliet overflowed, it overflowed."

And I’m like, "THE TOLIET DIDN’T OVERFLOW." And I yelled it cause

it didn’t fukcing overflow, and they had asked me a couple times already

if that had happened. And then he goes off on me about that, and it’s like

god damnit, why the fuck don’t you bastards trust me. I fucking cleaned

up the house and kept it alot fucking cleaner then you bastards eer have

been able to. And then you fucking come home 4 days early and ruin my vacation

as well. FUCKING BASTARDS. I HATE THEM. But it must just be Rip On Chris

Day or something cause last night at work this customer fucking went off

on me cause something rang up the wrong price, and I tried explaining to

him how it came up to that price, you know the simple math of it all. And

like five minutes into the conversation he said, "Well the sign out

side says it’s such and such a price and it’s been like that forever. "

And ya know, if he would have said that five minutes ago I would have just

overrid the price and given it to him at the signage price, cause well,

it’s a new month and we missed taking some of the signs down. Well, I said,

"I don’t own the store, and I don’t memeorize all the prices."

And he just went off on me about that, you know how old people are, "You

young people today, think you know everything, and blah blah blah."

After he left Marlin actually came up to me and said that I had handled

that guy well. Cause ya know, I just counted his change back and said, "Have

a nice day sir" and he just stormed out. On his way out he ran into

the door that didn’t work and had a big sign that said, "Use other

door" on it, that was amusing. Grr. I hate people.

In other news, I went and regiestered for classes yesterday. I’m taking:

Engl 105; Soc 134; Math 150; Acct 285; Bus Ad 101; Econ 101; Lib 160. It’s

going to really suck, on TR I have an 8 AA class and a 6 PM class. And I

don’t have any classes inbetween them.

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