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Aug 03, 2001

Aug 3 [Led Zeppeling, “Good Times, Bad Times”]

We’ll see how it works out this month and such, eh. Well last night was

pretty cool. About 7 the parents were still chewing on my ass so I just

got up and left. I was going to go over to Hy-Vee and see Angie and talk

to her some since it would be a good time to talk since Adam wouldn’t be

around. And after that I was going to go to Wal-Mart and see Julian and

talk to him for a bit, and I was supposed to get my mom a yellow fabric

pencil, and after that I was going to go to Java Joes and just get something

to drink and hang out some there. Well I got to Hy-Vee and I saw Adam’s

car in the parking lot and I was like, damnit. But I had to go in so that

I could deposit a check and withdraw some money. So I went in there, and

I didn’t see Adam anywhere, so I went over to Chinese Express and Adam and

Angie were both there. So I said hi to them, and talked to Angie a bit.

Then she asked if I wanted to come over to her house after she got done

at work cause Vero and Mandy were going to come over, and I said I would

cause I haven’t seen Vero in like forever, so I agreed to that, then she

asked Adam if he wanted to come over too, and I was just like, grrr. I really

didn’t want to be out with him last night. I just wanted to talk to Angie

and hang out. But yeah. So They got off and we went over to Angie’s house.

That was ammusing. Derrik (sp?) had a bunch of people over there and they

were all nuts, and Angie wasn’t in a good mood, so that was ammusing too.

So we were there, and Angie’s mom said that Vero called and said she couldn’t

come over. Well we called Mandy to see if she was still coming and apparently

Vero had called and said that Mandy couldn’t come cause she got injured

at work. But Mandy said that Vero was still coming over. So we waited around

for Vero, but she never showed. While we were waiting for her, Matt called

Angie, so we all sat around and laughed and talked to him and such. It was

great. Well after that it was like, 10 or so, so we didn’t have time to

go down town, so we were going to go over and see Xak. So we drove over

there, but he wasn’t home. So instead we decided to teach Adam how to drive

a stick shift. That was great times. It was really funny watching someone

learn a stick. He actually did really good for being a first time. But yeah.

It was ammusing. We spent about an hour there and then took him home and

told his PU’s the story about his driving. That was great. After we left

there Angie and I drove back to her house and we just hung outside and talked

about things. It was a good talk. I should really talk to Adam some more

things, but it’s so hard to get him alone sometimes, and also some of these

thigns, I don’t really want to talk to him about cause I would feel wierd,

but they are things that we _need_ to talk about. Angie wants me to call

him tonight after work and go out with him and talk to him, but I don’t

really feel like it. I think my mom and I might be going shopping here soon.

So we’ll see what happens. My horoscope says to stay home and watch a movie

tonight. I dunno. Overall though last night was really fun. I enjoyed it.

Today was good to. I had to work at 8 this morning, but it was good times.

It was Mel, Mandy and I working all morning by ourselves and we just goofed

off all morning and had fun. I came out in a really funny way to Mel. It

was great. I have to be back tomorrow morning too, and it’s going to be

just the three of us again. Yay for fun.

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