My Life

July 31, 2001

July 31, [Dido, "Thank You"]

Life in my life has sucked today. I don’t really know what it is. I’ve

just been really depressed and everything seems to annoy me really easily.

I’m getting quite fed up with it all. This quote seems to work nicely now:

"Every day it’s the same thing — variety. I want something different."

Nothing seems to really cheer me up any more. Well, there’s something that

would, but I know that’ll never happen. I’m really not looking forward to

going to college this year either, I just don’t know what it is. I’m depressed

yet again. Hopefully it’ll go away soon, I think people are getting annoyed

with my depressed state of mind.

The PU’s came back from vacation today, 5 fucking days early. I hate them.

I had plans for this week, I didn’t want them here. I got home tonight and

the house is already a mess. There’s clothes all over down here and dog

prints on the floor. God Fucking Damn them. I hate my family. Sometimes

I just want to shoot them in thier sleep. Life would be better then.

Grrr. Just generally bad times.

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