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July 30, 2001 #4

July 30, #4 [Collective Soul, "Where The River Flows"]

Well today after I wrote that last update Adam, Ang and I went to DM to

schedule a hair cut appointment with for Ang. While we were in there there

was like this 12 year old kid that was so gay. Well Adam pointed him out

and we were talking about him, and I said something like, "What because

you can’t decide" and he informed me that he had decided, which was

news to me. As far as I was informed he was still in that questioning state.

Well this news just made me really sad. If he’s decided then why, why has

everything that’s happened happen? We started this as a break until he was

able to decide, but now he’s decided and broken it off completely? I just

don’t get it. grrrr.

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