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Aug 23, 2001

Aug 23, [Goldfinger, "Smiling"]

OK so today’s been full of funny ass storys. First we’ll start the morning

off, my mom and I went to orientation at ISU. We were there in the Sun Room

waiting for the presintation to start and there was this really hot guy

that walked past and I thought to myself "HIYA!" you all know

how I say it. Well my mom says to me, "He’s pretty cute." And

I was like, OMG I can’t believe my mom just said that to me. OMG. He was

a skater so he has his board with him and my mom was like, "Well I

guess some boys just enver grow up." And that sparked a little convo

about skaters and such. It was funny. Then later we were at McDonalds and

she had ordered a Happy Meal. Well they have to ask you what kind of toy

she wanted and we couldn’t understand what the woman was saying, so my mom

just says, "I want a Boy Toy." I started laughing and she was

just like, "What." And I said, "You know how bad that sounds."

She was like, "Yeah." You know I write stories the same way I

tell them. But yeah, so next time I’m at McDonalds, I’m going to do that.

hehe. Then later we were getting my room key and such, and I saw Aaron Lenz,

and Robert Shumaker, they’re rooming together in the same building that

I’m in. YEAH! You have no IDEA how HOT they are.

Tonight was totally different. I went over to Angie’s about 5 or so and

watched her fiunish packing, Mandy was there too. It was cool. Then Mandy

and I went out to supper while Angie ate with her family and washed her

hair. After we were finished with supper we went over to Adam’s where Angie

was getting her hair permed (Is that the right spelling for this use of

the word?) We hung out with Adam, Abbie (Is that how she spells it?), Melinda,

Mandy, Angie, and Me. It was great times. Yeah. If Adam’s mom didn’t know

before tonight about him, she knows now. Hehe. lol. Oh well, tonight was

great, and I hope we have the same amount of fun tomorrow night. It’s Angie’s

last night in Iowa for like 4 months and it’s going to suck. I’m so sad

about that right now. I don’t want her to leave. And what hurts the most

is that it’s making Adam so depressed too. Usually when someone leaves,

it’s like, "Bye, see you in a while." But this time, it’s really

hurting someone that I care for deeply. And that makes me even more sad.

I probably shouldn’t be putting this here cause then Adam will feel bad

that I feel bad, and yeah, it’ll go round in circles, but I’m not going

to censor what I put here because of something like that. But yeah, that’s

the way the world works. And life sucks sometimes.

I’m all jazed about moving to school now, well I kinda am. I’m not ready

for classes to start, but I’m ready to move up there. I think this year

should be pretty cool. I just hope my roomie isn’t a homophobe (Why does

nothing look right tonight?). I’m going to go start packing now. Night all.

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