Author: Cj B

  • Jan 28, 2001

    danny and i talked for quite a while last night it was really nice, he’s got such a great voice, but he talks so soft sometimes it hard to understand what he says, i did find out one thing he’s got a dog named tyson (update 01-28-01: alright so i can’t here, he said dysson), […]

  • Jan 28, 2001

    ya know, usually i don’t think when i write these. i just sit down and type what’s on my mind, just what ever my fingers say. But yesterday, danny was reading these. and i went back and started readig some of them. ya know i think i obses a bit much, don’t i? well i […]

  • Jan 23, 2001

    B-day’s suck, they really really do suck, you know that. i really do hate b-days. for those that didn’t know yesterday was my b-day. asshole people. i hate b-days, my grandma remembered, my aunt’s and cousing remembered, well most of them. my parents, my dad remembered, he sent me a package, my mom, nope, she […]

  • Jan 21, 2001

    so yeah, i had a thing here earlier, but i forgot to save it and the damn comp crached, so here goes again. Sundays really suck, but this one just sucks more then normal. tomorrow’s my b-day, i really hate b-days. but this one is just going to really suck cause i’m up here, all […]

  • Jan 19, 2001

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, i’m in such A fuckgin good mood. OMG, am i in a FUCKING GOOD MOOD, it’s like 12:22 am here, and i just got off the phone with danny, hehe, he just randomly called. fucking random. OMG, such a good fucking mood, i guess he’s been sick all ducking week, […]