Author: Cj B

  • Feb 10, 2001

    yeah so i should be doing HW now. but i just don’t have the motivation to do it, lol. i really haven’t got shit done today. it’s been a crappy ass day. i watched qaf the first two shows today. everytime i watch it i see more of it, you know realise more. it’s like […]

  • Feb 8, 2001

    so it’s been a long day. last night was really good though i talked to danny for like 3 hours, 3 and a half i dunno, it was long, but really nice. i love talking to him, he’s got the cutetest voice, lol. i just wanna kiss him everytime he talks, lol. but yeah, it […]

  • Feb 6, 2001

    so i just got out of my first class for the day, american government, and today we had this debate all day and he just trough out subjects, one of them was gay marriage. you would not beleive what some of these people said. he phrased the question so it was more of for government […]

  • Feb 5, 2001

    so yeah, teachers are ass holes. i’ve got this one teacher for programming, and he doesn’t know how to program. bastard. you know one of the major things they teach in programming classes is that there’s more then one way to find the answer to a problem. well i took a different route then the […]

  • Feb 2, 2001

    So it’s a new month, eh. i almost missed it and put this update on the wrong page,opps. well it’s been a pretty boring week round here. classes are boring, people are boring, everything i boring. we had to move our cars today out of the “campus proper” cause they are under a snow alert, […]