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Aug 14, 2001

Aug 14, [Nirvana, "Dumb"]

Hi Mom and Dad.

Ok so the last couple days have been really freaky for me. Really messed

up and shit. Yeah. I Smoked.

Tonight was great. It was Mandy’s b-day. Adam and I talked. Then the whole

group talked. It was good times. I think we should all go to Mitigwa some

time, I’ll take us all to a great little spot where it’s really cool and

a good place to just hang out and talk about life and shit.

Lifes good, mostly.

There’s alot I really want to say here, but I’m having problems getting

it out. The PU’s know about my site. Which freaks me out, and I don’t really

want to put to much up here. Maybe laters sometime.

I get off at 2 tomorrow, cause well. I have a meeting to go to.

My desk is really dirty I need to clean it off.

My parents messed up my clothes, they took them out of the drier. Now I’m

going to have to re-dry them. Cause well otherwise, they’ll be all wrinkly.

My dad got a new frying pan, I’m going to have to try it tomorrow. Speaking

of tomorrow, I can’t beleive it’s Tuesday. It feels like Sunday today to

me. But that’s just me.

Xy has tons of cool articles, I wish I had the time, I’m type them all

up and write them on my site. It’d be cool.

My grandma e-mailed me again, it was really random yet again, here read:

Well did you find an apartment? Did you get acquainted

with the two girls and the boy from Washington at the reunion? The one girl

Shari, Her Grandma called today (that is the one she came back with) and

said Shari’s Dad was killed in a motorcycle accident on his way to Sturgis.

Hit some loose gravel, lost control and hit an abutment and was killed instantly.

He was about your Dad’s age. They were back when they were smaller and spent

a few days at our house but don’t suppose your Dad remembers him. His name

was Ray. Do you have everything for school? What day will you be going up

to stay? Suppose work is going the same as usual. Are you going to the fair

any? Unless it cools off it will be really hot out there. Love you Grandma.

How’s she go from death to school? That just doesn’t work. At least

my random thoughts are seperated by line breaks.

School starts soon. We went and got books today. Vero and I are in the

same Soc class, it’s going to be cool times.

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