7 Accountants!

Sooo, I was thinking the other day. Why does my company need 7 accountants AND a CFO!? I don’t get it one bit!? We have a seperate person for Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable! Plus a Controller and some other random people who knows what they do!

I even found out the other day that the CFO isn’t even a CPA! I would think that if you wanted someone in that high level position they should be a CPA! I was sitting in the conference room the other day and I heard him trying to arrange a truck for some product from Miami to Bakersfield. Why on EARTH is the CFO dealing with this?! We have a transportation manager and an ENTIRE logistics company to do this work! He should be more concerned about the 20 cell phones that have come up missing and we are paying nearly $100 a month for.

I really don’t understand how this company even operates at all. I mean maybe it’s the way the whole industry works, but really? How does ANYONE make any money!?!??!

So first some guy grows some product in some random farm far far away. It gets shipped from there to either LA or Miami via boat, truck, plane. Somehow! As soon as it’s shipped, we technically own the product and pay the grower for it, say $15, but we don’t give him the money yet.

Once its shipped, we start selling it. So typically as soon as it arrives in a port it’s sold and needs to go somewhere, say we sold it for $20.

But someone has to pay for the cost to ship from grower to port to customer, well that cost is all subtracted from the $15 we pay the grower, then say it gets here and some of the product is bad. It goes through this process called repack, there’s a cost associated with that, comes out of the $15. The product was shipped in a box that box was paid for by the company but the cost of the box also comes out of the $15.

So say the first seller rejects it, not big enough, to big, whatever reason. By now the product can be up to 4 weeks old so we try and resell it at say $12. Now WE are losing money. But WAIT! That price difference from $15-12 is taken out of the $15!!! So now we’re only breaking even!

It’s a miracle! So in the end the grower is now getting something like $8!

Really? is this how the free market works?!?! It’s so confusing! We should buy something at some price and then resell it, none of this costing shit!

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