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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! I love my XM Radio! And thank god I at last have it back. I had time the other day and finally got really fed up with regular radio to call and deal with the idiots at XM Customer service. So after an hour on the phone with them, I at last have my radio back.

BUT! I have to say there’s one thing that annoys me still. I listen to stations 6,9,20,26,30,54. And every once in a while you can flip through the stations and THREE stations will be playing the EXACT same song! This can get very annoying because it’s usually a song that I don’t like.

You would think that they would have something in the DJing software that would not allow this to happen!

Also, sometimes you’ll hear a song and then a couple minutes later flip to a different station and they are playing the same song. I really think that when you have that many stations playing the same “Type” of music there should be something in there that won’t let another station play a song within say 20 minutes of the last time it was played on any other station or something.

Perhaps I’m just weird because I flip stations a lot, but it does get annoying because I tend to hear the same songs over and over again on my long drives that I take.

Either way, I do love my XM! Thank you satellite gods!

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  1. Don’t expect me to come visit anytime soon — you and your XM radio are not helping me get a real job!!!

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