Not a Way to Start.

I’ve already put out one fire so far this morning. Damn computers!

So I had this random ass dream last night, about me and Skinny…. How random, cause I haven’t seen him in years! We were spending a weekend together at my grandparents for some reason. And we showered together, but nothing sexual happened. We were just hanging out as friends. Very strange. I’d really like to see Mike again, although we were never good friends, he was always fun to hang out with.

I’ve been awake since 1 this morning. Blah. 🙁

Good news! I might get to see Blake on the 13th. And depending on if he can get away from the Monster-In-Law, he might be coming all the way down to the OC! So I’m excited already, but I’ll be super duper excited once all the plans are finialized!

Got the company christmas party invites yesterday. Cocktails at 6:30 and then dinner at 7, with free passes to the park for all day. Blah!

I also got another e-mail from the guy offering me a job. It’s like the exact SA job that I want, here’s the description he gave me:

The specific duties include ordinary things like dealing with our various hardware devices & related applications – linux & mac servers, email & ftp & web servers, routers, firewalls, mac laptops, asterisk phone switch, backups, monitoring, telecom lines, network printers, etc. – mostly in support of your co-workers and sometimes for our clients. For example, we have demanding & changing security compliance requirements and we need to change/improve many things to meet those requirements. Also we want to implement enterprise-class disaster recovery (using a combination of interesting opensource technologies like xen & drbd). Also we want to implement a global ldap/directory system for our distributed offices & clients (haven’t yet decided whether to use apple’s or redhat’s ldap implementations). Also we want to implement a wikipedia-like system for our product documentation (would be used by thousands of users around the world). Also we want to upgrade our bugzilla issue tracking system and integrate it more tightly with our business partners. Also want to automate monitoring of our systems & services. As you might imagine, there is no end to the projects necessary to keep a company modern & competitive, and you would play a role in many of them.

AND they just switched from all Desktop PCs to Mac desktops! Woot! It sounds like an amazing job.. Sad thing is that I’d have to take a 15,000 pay cut. Which I really don’t want to be doing. So yeah.

I wish my cat would understand that taking these damn pills is for her own good! Stupid animals.

Blake made me watch this amazing movie yesterday called, “House of Sand and Fog.” I dunno how old it is, but if you haven’t seen it you MUST go watch it! I was crying 30 minutes into the movie and it only got sader from there… But I HATE the fucking Cop man, he’s a freaking bitch, I wish the kid would have shot him.

But you know I’ve been very emotional lately because commercials have been making me cry, so yeah.

I want to go romp around in the snow with someone sexy and make snow angels!

On Friday I was in Laguna Beach and found my next art purchase. It’s an original, 7feet wide by 6feet tall. It’s amazing. Now I just have to save money to buy it!


3 thoughts on “Not a Way to Start.”

  1. You are such a cry baby. and forget about saving money for the art purchase, you need to save money for me…hehe I will have my bill for college sent to you. Then i will force J&J to buy you that art piece, or since my grandma is in a big spending mood, i should have her.

  2. I saw that movie in the theaters. I didn’t care much for it. I think the

    book was probably better, in that it explained more of what was going on

    at the beginning. The movie just jumped into these people’s lives without

    any idea as to what was going on at all. But I didn’t read the book cause

    I didn’t like the movie.

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