No London For Me

So we just kinda had an impromptu meeting here this morning.. I guess they are sending ANOTHER SA to fucking London. This time for a month!

I’m sorry, but this is getting insane. I was hired here a year and a half ago to be the SA for fucking London! Granted, the project wasn’t supposed to be this big, but I’m sure I could have handled it. Now they are sending two people over there and have completely brushed me off. 🙁

Then they told me that I would be the second guy in the Cisco shit, all the Switches, Routers, etc. And I busted my ass for a year getting the certifications, and now they seem to have brushed that off. Then they told me I’d be the SA for the internal environment, but that hasn’t really come around either…. Now I’m stuck doing Business Operations programming which I really hate.

I don’t think I’m doing a poor job here, I mean no one has indicated as such and my boss always seems thrilled with my work, and I doubt they would have giving me that huge salary bump early last year. (though that was mainly I think to bring me up to equal par with OG).

I guess we’ll have to see how this changes things with the other guy being gone perhaps I’ll get more of his responsibilities (which happen to be projects I WAS WORKING ON before he started), though maybe I should really consider that other job, now?


3 thoughts on “No London For Me”

  1. Chris, have you tried talking to your boss and ask him what is up with the London thing?

    Maybe your boss likes you so much is the reason he wants you to learn more jobs there?

    I know your unhappy with whats going on, but before you think about going somewhere else investigate all your options. So many people work at jobs they hate and it sounds like most of the time you like it there.

    Everyone from time to time dislikes there job because of situations like that.

  2. It’s not that he wants me to learn more jobs I don’t think, Because they keep SAYING they are going to have me do things and then never following through on it.

    I do like my job, it’s just getting frustrating to keep having this projects promised to me and then handed off to someone else. I’m not getting to do the stuff that I really love!

  3. I understand completely. I am in similar situation where I work. I like working at a certain location, instead I have to work two other locations that I cannot stand. And one of them I have to work closer with the 3rd shift supervisor.

    It sucks!!!

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