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Christmas for all… But me. :(

So i was really craving some DQ Blizzards today, so before going out and getting one i looked up the nut facts.

ONE LARGE Blizzard contains youre ENTIRE DAYS worth of calories and 172% of your daily FAT INTACT! And they wonder why americans are so fucking fat! Even the small one is still 50% of your fat and 1/4 of your calories!

Needless to say, i didn’t go get one. INstead i went to Vons and got some molassas cookies, which i’m sure are at least just a little better for you then those damn DQ blizzards!

Today was christmas for everyone at my office but me. 🙁 Needless to say again, i was annoyed. OG got netapp training, WF got an external HD, SR went to london with his wife, and DS got new routers or switches or something… Where’s my present?! I want training.

I really want to go talk to jeff about what they’re vision is for me in the company. because i’m getting really annoyed with this. i did get a HUGe project dumped on me on monday though. looks like that should be pumped out in 3 days though. But then I got a HUGE list of new updates to the timesheet app. which I really want to convert to php from coldfusion, perhaps i should take this chance to convert it, depending onhow looong my time frame is to get those done. so i guess that was my present. lol

anyways, i want to talk to jeff but we all know i don’t do that very well. about the only time i can confront people that piss me off is when they really piss me off, but then i go off on them like crazy.

speaking of! this fucker almost killed me on the interstate today… we were both getting on at the same on ramp, and it’s 3 lanes, he was in the far left one, i was in the middle… i passed him cause hew as going slow and start to merge into the one he’s in, because I needed to be in that lane or else it turns into an exit. but then he SPPPPEEEEDDDSS up and gets next to me and starts making blow job motions, so i speed up and get infront of him, then he speeds up and cuts me off and then gets next to me again and starts flipping me off and going the bj motions again. so i flip him off, slam on my brakes and try to get behind him (because by this point i was about to get off at another exit) but he does the same and almost slams into me because he tries getting into the same lane i’m in.. eventually this big semi cut him off and i was albe to get away. stupid fuckers.

ALSO! BT at work annoyed me as wlel. he sent out the new on call list today for the week and i told put the wrong person for next week. i’ve told him TWICE (9/27 and 11/22, i found the e-mails.) that WF and I are switching next week because otherwise he’d be on call 3 weeks for dec… so i replied to the notice telling him AGAIN that WF and i were switching and he e-mails me back saying “you need to tell me these things”.. So i replied (I sent you two e-mails in the past) and then listed the dates.

Then he e-mails me back and is like, guess i need to get my eyes checked because i missed them both.. WHICH! He REPLIED to the one in Sept saying “I’m going to update my calendar now”… Which he clearly didn’t! He’s a really nice guy, but i mean common, this is a REALLY easy thing to manage!

I’ve been spoiled the last couple days getting to talk to blake all day long. We’ve actually been skyping which is fun. He talks and then I reply by typing. haha. It’s so cute. lol. Then when no one of just one or two people are in the office I actually talk to him. Anyways, the point is that he wasn’t on today because he was in chemo, and i missed talking to him. :'(

Joshua Imed me today, claiming he’s been in the hospital since thursday and broke his phone. Then he was like, “wanna hang out still” and I said no. Stupid fucker. Then he was like, “I want to see your cock, i’ve never seen an uncut one before” and I was like, “you’re stupid”. Well I didn’t really say that I just stopped talkig to him. What a wierdo.

Everyone from Iowa has been talking about how nice the snow is.. Andrew mentioned it on his blog and jenks said something about going snow boarding today on his… I can’t wait to get back. There better still be snow! and I’m going skiiing damnit. Did I mention that Jenks and I are going to Chicago or Minn while I’m back! that’ll be so much fun. I just wish that the ice palace would be up, but it doesn’t start till mid-jan. 🙁

Anyways. i’m out. adios.

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Who likes the snow? Sickos! I want it to go away-right now! The high today was like 6 degrees but with the windchill it was like -2. Freaking Iowa-wanna trade places?

We all know I miss the snow!

It’s the having to warm up your car in the morning and waiting for the bus for an hour that I don’t miss! lol

I wanna see your cock too!! Does he crow in the mornings to wake you up? and I dont see how anyone could cut the comb off of a cock, it is so pretty. My aunt called me from Seattle and said it has been in the 40s and 30s, but i liked Russia when it was -40 with the Wind Chill sometimes lower, but Chris wont take me back.

You’ve already seen my cock! Remember how pretty he was?

My dad said it was -15 this morning in Iowa.

And I’ll take you to Russia, you just have to promise me something first. 😉

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