Here At Last

Well here I am. In California.

I now officially live here… Well I will once I get an apartment. Anyways,

I’ve been meaning to write an update for a while. Well, I wanted to write one wed, but never got around to it.

Andrew came over Tuesday after work and we hung out at home all night talking and went hot tubbing one last time. We really didn’t do too much it was a sad night for me.

Wed morning we got up early and left, I dropped andrew off at courts house. We hugged and said good bye. And off I went for my drive half way across the country.

The drive from DM to Grand Junction, CO went fine. Nothing really interesting. Spent the night in Grand Junction and then was off again for the drive Thursday.

Again, nothing really happened tell I hit the Cali border. That’s when things really started to go downhill. I started to breakdown and cry and think that I couldn’t do this.

That this wasn’t the time for me to be doing this and this wasn’t the way that it was supposed to go. I cried off and on all the way to LA. In there somewhere my mother called and the whole time I was talking to her, I just wanted to break down and cry and scream, “I wanna come HOME.”

I really just want a BIG hug from Andrew right now, I really just want to go back home and stay the summer there and then come back here with him and start everything. Not that he’s the reason I’m moving here, because as we’ve established before, that’s not it. It’s just that I really need his support here.

I’m glad that I still have it over the phone, but that’s just not enough right now. I NEED to have him here.

Well I really wanted to update more, but I’m just not in the mood anymore. I think I’m going to head out here soon and look for apartments and maybe pick up a little breakfast. Laters all.

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