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Another Quickie

Hey everyone. Here’s another quick update.

Like I said, I’ve been really sick since last Thursday, I went to the doc and he said it was either mono of strep. But didn’t have time to do tests. So he gave me some meds and sent me on my way. I took the meds and have been feeling much better.

Today I’m about 90% I’d say. I still have some really inflamed glands, and my neck is killing me, but other then that things seem to be going pretty good. No more horrible hot/cold flashes, no more feeling like I have to throw up everytime I stand up, and no more feeling like I’m going to pass out constantly.

Like I said, there was so much that I wanted to do this weekend that just didn’t get done, and I’m so sad that that happened. I really wanted to see beak again, and I wanted to hang out with Adam one more time, and I wanted to spend the nights at Java’s hanging out down there again. But most of all, I just wanted to spend the weekend with Andrew, which I got to spend the saturday night with him. Though he slept in the guest room and I slept in my room, and Sunday we spent the day cleaning and packing up in Ames.

I’m really nervous about leaving tomorrow and moving to cali. Possibly moving in with some stranger. Though the guy seems REALLY nice so far, and I think it could work out. Well it almost has to work out because I’m not taking any pots and pans with me. lol.

Opera 7.5 has some major bugs in it and it’s really pissing me off. I see there’s a new 7.51 out, but I can’t download it tell I get to work. Grrr.

One thing that is amazing, is that over the next year, I’ll make MORE in my job then I have in since I was 16 working all my parttime jobs… Isn’t that really crazy.

It really makes me wonder what I’m going to do with all that money! 😀

I want to put most of it into savings and also into a retirement savings. But we’ll see. If I move in with this guy, I’ll be saving almost $4,000 the first year in rent costs too. So that’s REALLY good!

Anyways, I should break now, I’m hungry for lunch…

Laters all.

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I know that since you leave tomorrow you have…er…”plans” for tonight 😉 but I too would like to hang out before you leave. I work until like 3 today, and I’m going to call you. How about you, Andrew and I…Hickory Park…this evening?

Sound good, maybe squeeze me in? I’ll call.

If I don’t see you, best of luck in Cali…you’ll do great! ~Adam

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