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Hi everyone.

Well here I am back in Iowa. The last two days have been pretty hard on me. I haven’t really been sleeping much, and when I do it’s not a quality sleep. Also haven’t been able to each much. Everything seems to taste like shit.

Last night I tried making myself like 4 different things for dinner before just giving up. I don’t know what I’ll do tonight, I’m really in the mood for Orange Chicken, but I don’t have the money for it.

Speaking of money. Go check out this website. Very amusing I do say.

So yesterday was a hellish day though. I didn’t really do much, except for classes. Then I went to this thing about study abroad, and that was stupid as hell.

Today again, not much to be done. My group in MGMT is getting to be semi-annoying because two of the group members show up very little. Today the three of us that were there discussed asking them not to present. Though I doubt it’ll come to that. We decided to go ahead and send them another e-mail remidning them of the assignments they have to do and see how that gets going. Each of the three of us have already written about a page each. Once they get thiers in, that’ll be 5 pages, and then we have 1/4 the project done! Yay!

I leave for Mexico in three days and I haven’t even started packing yet. This could prove to be crazyness. I’m going home early Friday and going to spend the night packing and washing clothes and the like. Hopefully I have everything I need.

Once I’m back from Mexico, I’m in town for two weeks and then back on the road for a week and a half. I’m REALLY excited for that trip and am hoping to have a second interview setup before leaving Cali. Maybe even a job offer, cross your fingers. lol

Well, I guess I should head back to work. Just one last thing to say…

I miss my Drew Bear! 🙁

Laters all.

I haven’t done this in far to long…
Jobs Applied: 164; Cold Letters: 82… Total Resumes sent out: 246

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