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Looking To The Forward

March 7th
So, as I just stated this weekend was really good. Lots of fun stuff happened, and Andrew and I had a great time together.

It was a bit annoying Thursday night because everytime Andrew and I would kiss, Mike would laugh or make some strange noise or something. Andrew thinks that his problem is that he ‘liked’ seeing us together and he’s upset and questioning his sexuality. My thoughts are that Mikes really got a thing for Andrew and seeing him with someone else upset him. Who knows for sure. We could both be completely wrong.

Thursday night through we did lay in bed and kiss for a while. Went to sleep and sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and we started making out. Then before I knew it, I was giving him a bj. I don’t have any idea where that came from. I do remember starting to kiss him, but I was just kissing him, then we started to hard-core make out, and before I knew it, whew!

It was really nice though. And I got to make him cum with just a bj again. It was just really nice. 😀

Umm, we tried to make love on Friday morning, but that really didn’t work out very well. We tried doing it in the closet because we were affraid of someone coming in. Found out that the closest wasn’t big enough. lol.

Friday night I was way too tired to do anything, though I really wanted too. It was nice to just get to spend the night with him and hang out and watch Cranberries.

Saturday night through we made love in the shower, and then in his room. The shower was really hot, and we did it in there forever! I wonder if his suite mates were home and wondering what the hell was going on in there. It was really nice through to get the chance to do all that with him again, and get to share those experiences again. It’s been way to long. After the shower we went into his room and tried a whole bunch of new posistions and everything. It was really hot! 😀 I hope that he enjoyed it as much as I did.

After that we just laid in his bed and reminiced about times past and all the good times we’ve had together. We both said that we’d like to relive this past summer, because it was really good and tons of fun. I hope that we have another summer like it soon. I have a feeling that my time living in Cali is going to be filled with lots of short weekend trips to places. Speaking of which, we did decide that we weren’t going to go to Sea World over spring break because it’s too expensive, like $50!

We also talked about some of the fights we had. I don’t know why exactly we talked about them, but we did. He also quized me on the gifts he’s gotten me. Well alright, he didn’t really quiz me, but we talked about them. He still seems to think he hasn’t relaly gotten me any REALLY good gifts. I think that he has. And speaking of which, he got me this REALLY cute picture holder while I was here. As well as a really cute card. I felt bad for not getting him anything though. ;(

Overall the weekend was REALLY good, and even though I’m insanly stressed about moving out there, I’m also really excited.

Speaking of moving there really quick, he’s decided that I’m living in the Glassell Apartments, which are like RIGHT on campus. lol. It’s cute, and if the price is right, I would consider actually living there. I’ll have to call and see about that information.

Also found lots of new places to try and apply., and a bunch of others. I’m going to have to really stress my brain to remmeber them all though. Also going to go to the chapman website cause they’re having a career fair. I’ll have to look up all the companies and apply to them all.

Well, that’s about all I have to write about.


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