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A Good Weekend.

Umm, well not much really to publicly update about. Lots of private shit. Though I’m sure this will turn into a long public.

So Friday sucked. I left work an hour early because it was sucking so much, and came home. I spent most of the day reading my old private entries, and I think I wrote about this already…

Anyways, I came home. Spent a bit of time laying in bed and cried for a while, and then go up and went downtown. I was there from about 7:30 tell 9:30 when I left. I just studied for a while. Once I was bored and decided that no one else was every going to come, I went off on an expedition. Made for a private entry.

Got home about midnight and went to bed.

Saturday I got up early and went and met up with Beak. We broke (15 mintues late, thanks!) and headed for G&G’s. Got there about noon and hung out and ate and such. Then went out and picked pears. That took FOREVER! Because there were litteraly millions of them! And now my neck hurts from looking up all day!

After that I called Andrew and we talked for like an hour or so. I think it wa slonger then that. But it was good to talk to him. I forget what all we talked about, but we reminiced some and it was good. I also told him of my expedition on Friday night, and he seemed a bit annoyed about it. But whatever.

Once we were done with that, I went and talked to the Gma for like ever, and had a good time. Ate supper and then broke. She stuffed us really full. But beak and I were talking on the way home and decided that it’s really not that bad for you. I mean we had Potatos, with milk in them, corn, and noodles (Which is flour and eggs and beef broth). And then we had a roast, but I didn’t have much of that. So really it’s not all THAT bad for you! It’s always the desserts that kill you and I didn’t have much of those!

So I was a bit annoyed with the Gma though, she asked a lot of questions bout the trip, but she never asked to see pics of the trip. And I REALLY wanted to show her the trip pics. It would have been my way of coming out to her. I just wanted to her to see them and I wish that she would have asked to see them. It would have made me feel better. Because not enough people here in Iowa have seen my pictures and I just want to show them to people. In a way it makes me feel good.

Broke from there and had a good talk on the way home about moving and shit. I’m really stressing abou it, and where I want to go mostly. I mean I’d like to be ANYWHERE in Cali. So now I have to make a choise as to where I’m going. And again that whole Andrew kid comes into the situation, and I try not to think about where he’s going, but I want to be closer to him so much. Anyways, more info on that for the private entry.

Got home, and had to help Beak finish moving her apartment around since she got drunk the night before and rearranged things. I’m thinking I should do that. Cause I’ve really been wanting to rearrange my apartment. It’s getting really boring the way that it is. Though I’ll have to get rid of a lot of the shit that I don’t want before I do it. Like the nordictrak and the fitness flyer. (If you want a nordictrak you can call me. I sell it to you!)

After that I broke and went downtown again to see if anyone was there. Shepely was there, and as soon as he saw me he came up to me and hugged me and then said Too bad you’re waiting for someone. I was like how random. The convo went downhill from there and I broke shortly after. Came home and talked to Andrew on the phone for like another hour.

Broke and went to bed.

This morning I got up really late because I didn’t really care to get out of bed. Showered, and then sat around the house reading the paper and watching TV. Andrew called about noon and we ended up talking for nearly 2 hours. I didn’t want to let him go, today but he needed to break. So that’s cool.

After that I came home and that’s where I be now. Laters all!

EDIT:// So there’s this movie called “Crazy in Alabama” that ALWAYS makes me cry. I suggest anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, go watch it.. VERY good!

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