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In The Early Morning Light

In the early morning light
I watch you sleeping.
I see the gentle rise and fall of your chest
As you slumber next to me.
Though your hair is no longer neatly combed
And your beard has grown in the night
You are practically perfect to me.

Your skin is so smooth with
Just a sprinkling of hair on your chest.
I want to reach out and touch it
But I don’t want to disturb your dreams.
I feel so remarkably close to you
In this muted early morning light.
I wish we could lay here forever.

Does your family know they have a perfect son?
Do they realize the power of your mind
And the fineness of your body?
Do they appreciate the passion in your heart
And the caring for others you possess deep within?
Can they see their little man from years ago
Grown into someone so wonderful, so right?

As I lay here watching you stir in your sleep.
You stretch out with such grace and beauty.
Your leg touches mine and your eyes open slowly .
You see me watching you and you smile softly.
You whisper a muted, Good morning.
And your arm reaches out to pull me close to you.
I shiver against the warmth of your body.

You wrap me with love and cover me
With kisses from your sleep-softened lips.
A tear of happiness forms at the corner my eye
And falls softly on your manly shoulder.
Your tender look melts my heart.
In the early morning light you whisper the words
I want to hear.  I love you, and all is right.


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I guess you must like my poem since you put it on your page. However, it is copyrighted and it would be cool if you would ask first. You also need to provide the attribution so they know where it comes from. . At some point I may publish some of my poetry and short stories and if is just quoted randomly, there is a greater chance someone might steal it and publish it first. Then legal battles ensue. So, it is ok if you want to put it on your page, but along with it, include my web site address. Ok? Thanks. Tim

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