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A Quicky

So I really don’t have time for an update, so this’ll be a quicky.

Last night I was planning on going down to spend the night with Andrew…

I got off at 4:30 and went home, played an hour or so of Mario. I forgot how easy that game really is. Though I kept dying in the castles, my own stupidity though. (Jumping too soon and falling in the lava).

I’m on level 8, and I seem to be lost in the castle. Level 8’s castle has to be one of the most confusing ones there is. Very weird. I should be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning.

I have a SHIT LOAD of packing to do.

After Mario, I showered and then headed home to get a suit case and to discuss with my mom about who’s taking us to the airport. It’ll be either her or my brother. Hopefully her.

About 9:30 I left to go to Andrew’s house. Went to Hy-vee first to get cheap State Fair tickets and wondered around a bit, cause I didn’t think he’d be home from haning with the girls yet.

I left there, and called him on my way, we chatted and about the time I got to his house, he was talking about his room being empty and bland, etc. And I said something like, “Well come let me in and I’ll brighten it up.”

I don’t think he really believed me that I was there, it was amusing.

Got inside and we talked, he said that he actually didn’t go out with the girls, which I was fairly annoyed with because had I known that I would have come over at 7 and not 10, thus giving us 3 hours more time together.

Though I guess I can’t have double standards. I always bitched when Adam called me if I wasn’t online, so how can I expect Andrew to call me when I’m not online. So no biggie.

We hung out and talked for a little bit, and then went to bed.

Got up this morning and hung out for a while. I left for work about 10ish. Got here, and have been uber busy all day.

We got our first 1U rack mount in today.

Isn’t it cute!

Other then that I’ve been uber busy getting ready for my vacation next week. Since I won’t be here I have to teach the new guy everything that I do… Well the major stuff anyways and what to do if something major breaks.

It’s been really crazy.

And SUDO is confusing me… I don’t understand it’s syntax and the man page isn’t very helpful.

I can’t wait tell Wed though to see my Drew Bear again!


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