Jan 12, 2001

ahhh, insanity is setting in already, it’s umm, like

3 in the afternoon, i’ve now been up for about 12 hours. i haven’t been sleeping

well lately, i think it’s just getting used to this bed again. hmm. the repaet

rate on this keyboard isn’t fast enough, i’m going to go fix it.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,

much better. lol. well i had a nice chat with danny last night. i still think

he needs to open up to me more. but i love him. so we won’t let that get in

the way. hmm, i’m still debating on weather or not to send in that application

to philly, i think it would be really cool to work out there and i would REALLY

love to meet danny, in fact, they offered me more money to stay and work in

iowa, so now the only major reason to purse this option is to be able to see

him. but still in the back of my mind there’s just that little thing of DO

i want to meet him. i mean we get along and all and i do love him, but i HAVEN”T

even seen a picture of him yet. hmmmmmmmmm. o well i guess i’ll send it in

and shit, and just see what happens. ok on to other things, all my classes

seem like they should be pretty easy. i mean, accounting, econ, government,

visual BASIC, how simple can that shit be, just as long as i keep up with

the reading and shit, i hope it all works out that way. some of the teachers

are them foreign types and i can’t hardly understand them sometimes. o well,

i’m happy, i got my internet back today, hehe. yeah. fucking fun, i had a

shit load of songs to download off napster i had like 20 of them or so, i

got them all in under an hour, i was so happy, i was getting like 150Kbps,

hehe, it was cool. well i’m going to go off somewhere now, bubye

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