Jan 16, 2001

People are so fucking rude. you know that. RUDE MOTHER

FUCKERS. yeah, so i wasn’t feeling to good last night, so i went to bed at

like 9 or so. then my roomie came in with a bunch of his freinds and were

all loud and shit, so i was like fine DAMNIT. so i watched some tv tell they

left, then i tried going to sleep again, but some mother fucker upstaris decided

they wanted to play backetball in their fucking room, so they were like bouncing

this fucking ball tell about 1 am. and it was REALLY fucking loud. so i didn’t

get to sleep tell really late. and then i had to get up early to fucking hell

go to class and shit. bastards. that’s the problem with having most of my

classes on Tues, Thurs. is that most other people don’t have any classes on

these days, they are all MWF classes. so they stay up late M and W nights.

assholes. o well. tonight had better be quiet. well i haven’t talked to danny

since sunday morning when he called (12:02 am his time). it was so cool when

he called. i love his voice it’s so soft and sweet. but yeah, not much going

on here. so hmm, i don’t know. what should i do.

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