Jan 10, 2001

WOW, i lived through christmas break, and what a ton

to talk about. well i guess i shall start where the last left off, eh? well

on sat the 23rd we went to my uncles house and had christmas there, that really

sucked ass. pam was there the fucking bitch. it just plain sucked, i don’t

want to get into that. and then on sunday we had part of our christmas, i

really hate the holidays, they just plain suck, i can’t be who I AM. i have

to be someone else. and i hate it. i have decided that if i ever find someone

to live my life with, we won’t be at my families very much for the holidays,

my cousin and i have been talking about it some lately too. so yeah. but christmas

itself just really sucked to. you know i hate the whole gift giving shit,

but yeah, well i gave y Pu’s a ist of fairly simple things, k, well they only

fucking got me one thing oiff the list, and i was like, damnit. if you’re

going to ask for a list get shit that i want off the list, not other shit

that i have no use for, k. bastards. o well, i got my coat, that’s all i really

wanted anyhow, other then to be with danny, but we all know that wouldn’t

have happened. but yeah, then i spent the week’s at my G&G’s which was

ok, i got the whole bed to my self and shit, and didn’t ahve to put up with

the sibling, or the PU’s, but dannydidn’t call me while i was down there,

he said he was in NY. which i believe, so that means he wouldn’t

have had access to a phone, but i’m still asd that he didn’t call. well then

i got back home, and xak had a party at his house, which was pretty fun. yeah.

hehe, it was fun. and then i spent a week at home, going insane and shit.

and working at the HS. i had somefun there. but yeah, i’m going to stop now,

i could go on for hours about shit that happened, but i won’t cause i’m going

to go read this mag i got, it’s XY’s latest, it’s FILLED with cool stories.

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