Dec 21, 2000

Dec 21 well i’m all done with finals and shit now, yeah. yesterday

my last final was canceled so i left about noon to come home cause they were

daying really bad weather today and fri. So i left but not after a hole shit

load of problems, first i couldn’t find the damn ra to check me out, and then

i went out to get my fuking car and i had a flat ass tire damn it. FUCKING CAR. but i got that fixed fucking froze my ass off though, i needed danny

to keep me warm. but yeah and then i drove home and i took i29 then i80 wich

was a really good thing, but still the dreiving on i29 was pretty bad, the

roads were fine it’s just that there was mostly white out condintions the

WHOLE fucking way. but then once i hit i680 towards des moines the roads were

fine and i was doing between 80 and 85 until i hit des moines then the roads

started getting bad again so i slowed it down, i got home last night just

after 7 or so, yucky, i so didn’t want to come home. I’m sad too cause i haven’t

seen danny all fucking week, i want to know whati’s up, 🙁 i miss him. o well

hopefully i’ll get to see him tomorrow. well not much else going on here,

other then that i DON’T WANT TO BE HERE. so i’m going to go sit in the hot

tub. bubye. OK so today has really sucked ass. I’ve realized why i hate this

house so much. my family is just a bunch of rude ass holes. every single one

of them. the fuckers. so it’s story time, eh kiddies. Well before i left for

college i packed all the shit i didn’t want my little bitch brother messing

with, k. well i came home over t-day and saw that he had been through it and

shit, but i didn’t have time to find out what he had stolen, so i just bitched

him out and told my PU’s about it. what do you think they did? NOTHING. the

bastards, if i fucking put one godamn foot in my brothers room i get my fiucking

head chewed off, but when he fucking GOES TROUGH ME STUFF STEALING THINGS,

they do fucking nothing. and this has been going on for FUCKING YEARS. fucking

YEARS. damn it. I’m pissed. so then i come home this week and see that’s he’s

been trough it again, so i start looking round and see what all he’s stolen,

well guess how much fuckin shit he’s stolen? ALMOST EVERY GODDAMN THING I

OWN. and what do you think my PU’s did? NOTHING AGAIN FUCKING NOTHING. the

bastards goddamnit it’s my FUCKING stuff. so yeah tomorrow he doesn’t have

school so he’s gonna fucking get a beating. yeah in case you hadn’t noticed

i have a shitty ass relationshiop with my family, if my dad fucking opens

his mouth i just want to fukcing scream at him. they are all so fucking unfair.

FUCKING UNFAIR. you know i find out that andy’s getting a brand fucking new

computer because he’s on the honor roll, well god damnit i was on the honor

roll every fucking semester every fucking year, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY COMPUTER?

i had to begg for parts to get my first computer in my room and that was jsut

about two years ago now, and it was a 486, he’s getting a brand FUCKING new

computer. damnit, does this sounds fucking fair? i hate siblings, damn it.

i just want the fuck out of this damn family, i want to be as far away from

them as i can get. i want to be with danny. never to see these ass holes again.

and yuou know it’s not the begining of it, all this shit has been going on

for ever, and it’s not just little things either damn it. it’s everything,

andy’s got ADD so he doens’t understand, my FUCKING ass he doesn’t understand.

if he doesn’t understand then i don’t fucking take it up the arse. and it’s

like fucking everytyhing they do this with, like when i was his age, i didn’t

even have a fucking TV in my room, but you know what he has a BRAND NEW 21″

tv, you know i got my first tv in my room when i was 16 and it was a little

13″ used one. and if i spent more then 30 minutes a day watching it they

took it away from me, you know andy fucking comes home, goes to his room watchs

tv, comes down to eat then spends the rest of the night in his room watching

tv. and he never fucking turns the thing off, it’s on all the damn time. and

he always records things all damn day long. you know if i left my tv on i

would have it taken away, if i left my Bed room light on they would take it

away from me too. but him he always fucking leaves everything in his room

on. like tonight i walked past there and he had his light, TV, fan, radio,

and scanner on. if i left those things on and i wasn’t in my room i would

come back to find them GONE. and he doesn’t just do it once in a while it’s

all the FUCKING TIME. ARG. and damn it i haven’t talked to danny all fucking

week, i miss him so much 🙁 i hope he’s on tomorrow so i can talk to him.

i really do love him with all my heart and i would love to be with him, to

have him here, and hold close on our couch. well i’m going to go now, i wish

the roads weren’t so bad, i’d go out. but then fucking suck, so i’m going

to go over to my other computer and wonder round the internet for a while.

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