My Life

Dec 18, 2000

Dec 18, opps i slipped a couple days, o well, hehe, not much

has been going on round here lately. I’ve been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking bored,

you want to know how fucking bored i’ve been i found some HS’s website and

COMPLETELY redid the damn thing, go check it out here, it’s pretty good. but

yeah, finals start today, i haven’t studied yet for my first on i have it

in two hours, hehe, opps. maybe i should start. o well. i miss danny, haven’t

talked to him since sat after noon, i wonder why he’s never on on sunday anymore,

i had a lot of stuff i wanted to ask him about yesterday, now i don’t even

remember half of it, i was temped to write it down, but i didn’t i should

have, lol. o well. i love him. hmmm, well not much else going on round here,

only three days tell i go home, yucky, i don’t want to, i really don’t. but

i guess i have to. o yeah, i got that application for the philly summer camp

today, looks good. hehe, lets fill it out. bubye

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