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  • I’m a Jealous Asshole…

    //Warning: Major drama to follow….. Ok, so not only am I the biggest asshole in the world. I’m also a very jealous asshole. And I HATE long distance relationships. UGH! I feel myself slipping into the shit that Andrew and I went through back in the day. UGH. The last two nights Const has gone […]

  • Wicked!!!

    What another great weekend with Constantine! Friday night he came over after work and we went out to the Chicago Rib Company down the street. Very yummy food! 😀 After that we came back to my place and we watched a movie and drank some wine. Saturday we got up and I made breakfast from […]

  • Rock Climbing & Camping!

    I’ve been very active this week and yet I feel as though I’ve done nothing! Oh my. Work has been crazy busy, my personal life has been packed. Things are crazy! So Wed night I went rock climbing with Mok. That boy has some HOT legs! Oh my. And the other boys there at the […]

  • Goals for the Summer…

    – Trip to Catalina – Harbor Kayaking – Rock Climbing and/or Rappelling – Get back down to 160 – Trip to Big Bear – Trip to Vegas with Sarah – Trip to San Fran – CampMasters – Invest more money – Enroll in Summer classes – Visit wine country with a special someone and do […]

  • Back Home

    Well, I’m back from camping… a little red, very dried out and extremely tired. The weekend was tons of fun. Though I was very annoyed about getting there at 10pm, and having a head ache on Saturday night. But other then that, lots of good times rock climbing, and doing tons of other wondeful camping […]