Goals for the Summer…

– Trip to Catalina

– Harbor Kayaking

– Rock Climbing and/or Rappelling

– Get back down to 160

– Trip to Big Bear

– Trip to Vegas with Sarah

– Trip to San Fran

– CampMasters

– Invest more money

– Enroll in Summer classes

– Visit wine country with a special someone and do a hot air ballon ride

Hopefully more. Adios.

2 thoughts on “Goals for the Summer…”

  1. I would love to do a hot air balloon ride. I always wanted to go to the big balloon festival in Albuquerque. I bet they have some ove here. I should try to arrange something for Rick’s birthday.

  2. Yeah, the ones up in Wine County are like at sunrise. I’ve heard it’s REALLY pretty and stuff. I love hot air ballons, they are so great and romantic and all that.

    Now the problem is finding that “special someone” before the summer’s up. haha.

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