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Well, I’m back from camping… a little red, very dried out and extremely tired.

The weekend was tons of fun. Though I was very annoyed about getting there at 10pm, and having a head ache on Saturday night. But other then that, lots of good times rock climbing, and doing tons of other wondeful camping stuff…

I also learned a few things this weekend.

Hopefully I will get pics from lauren soon so I can post them to my myspace.

nothing else has really happened to me since I left on Thursday. I mean, I went camping for gods sake.. It was in the middle of the desert. No hot boys, no Tv, no compter… Though there were cell phones which was a bit annoying.

Also got the SA on call schedule for this month… Good news! I’M ON IT! How exciting it that…

Well for most of you it’s not exciting at all, but for me, it’s way hot! It means I’m moving up in the world and I can now be on call, so they assume I have enough knowledge about this place to get things working and to do stuff when it breaks. Though I’m sure I don’t know near enought to fix major issues, I can at least take care of the small ones.

I’ve got a lot of reading done in Quicksilver. I’m realy liking this book, so far the time periods have been 1660-1667 and 1712-1713. They’re talking about Newton and lots of other people of the time, plus all these crazy experiments and stit. It’s so fun. I meant to bookmark a page to write here about this poor dog, but I’ve lost it now. So I guess you all get to be spared the grossness this time….

Ok, well I have a TON of work to do, so night all

2 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. I love camping. So does Tim. I can’t wait until he is well enough and the weather warms up so we can go again sometime.

    I am glad things are going well at work. Have a great week. Going to be sunny and 65 today in Fairfax, VA.


  2. I love camping as well! I used to go every month, and usually spent 2-3 month of the summer camping as well… I just wish the Boy Scouts didn’t hate us homo’s so much, cause I’d love to be an adult leader. They were such a HUGE part of my childhood, I’d like to be able to give that back to kids today.

    It was in the mid to upper 80’s out at Joshua Tree this weekend, and then down into the low 50’s at night. Nice and clear all day/night long and so many stars!

    Hope you can Tim can get out there and go camping soon! Wishing him well!

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