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  • Halloween Night

    So Wed night I went out to West Hollywood for all the crazyness that was going on there. I was in a pretty annoyed mood about a lot of different stuff which I’ll go into later. Const and I got to Steve’s place about 5 and then we had to wait around for him to […]

  • Trevor Hall and Other Stuff

    So Thursday night I headed out of work about 2:30 and headed up to Santa Monica to meet Constantine up at the mall by his office. It took forever to get there, but traffic really wasn’t all that bad. Just a really long drive. So I got there and we shopped around for a little […]

  • Prague and Vienna!!!

    I will be going to Prague and Vienna from November 14-26th!!! How exciting is this! Tickets were just purchased! It was a little frustrating though, cause Orbitz would say that the tickets were $640 total, but then when I clicked through to enter my CC info, it would suddenly jump to over $5,000!!!! Holy shit! […]