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  • You Had That!

    Weekend == Boring. I went and worked out again on Sunday. But I really need to be hitting the gym more. Just never really in the mood. Went shopping sunday afternoon and bought a photo album. That was fun. haha. Andrew called me too for the first time in a long time. He’s been having […]

  • Why…

    He’ll give me his favorite sweatshirt. (especially after he put his cologne on it) He’ll stay home with me and watch Disney Movies. And the only person he would ever watch it with would be me. He’ll call me at 3 AM and ask me what I’m doing. He’ll tell me he couldn’t fall asleep […]

  • Lots to write

    You know. I’ve actually been thinking about a lot of stuff to write about here today, but now I can’t remember any of it. Only reason you got a long post yesterday was because I wrote reminders. I should have done that today as well I guess. Anyways, still having solaris problems. Damon didn’t respond […]

  • Good Old Mitigwa

    So I was randomly looking around the internet about Mitigwa stuff for some reason and came across these wonderful pics of Staff: I’m the third from the left Good luck finding me… I can’t even remember where I stood! Sadly, I don’t have my own copy of th staff photo cause I left before they […]

  • Links Links Links!!

    Ok, well this is going to be a post of a lot of links…. First, I love this TV show called. “Low Carb and Lovin’ It” And there’s this really cute boy on there, who I thought was gay. guess he’s not though, but anyways, I found his blog and it’s very amusing… I highly […]