Links Links Links!!

Ok, well this is going to be a post of a lot of links….

First, I love this TV show called. “Low Carb and Lovin’ It” And there’s this really cute boy on there, who I thought was gay. guess he’s not though, but anyways, I found his blog and it’s very amusing… I highly recommend listening to StellaStyle. He’s also has some really good photos.

Ok, and I know you all love PORN! So here’s a great website for you. Now, I’m sure I’ve all heard me complain about how you can’t RENT porn here in the OC… Well this site is just like netflix! How amusing. If I watched enough porn to justify it, I’d totaly sign up, but at least now I can rent porn for a weekend or two at a time when I want too.

Speaking of netflix… Here’s a better replacement for it… It costs about $2 more per month, but they send money back to local movie places.. IE: GreenCine is partnered with a few key organizations like the San Francisco Film Arts Foundation, the Academic Film Archive of North America, Consolidated Works and the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, all devoted to keeping independent, international and classic film alive. So yeah… I’m thinking I might sign up for them.

Ok, I’ve known about this place for a long while, but now I found the website and really want to go! Uncliamed Baggage! I want to take a road trip to the store sometime.

And lastely… Here’s some amusing Post Cards

Umm, so what’s been up in my life? Well as usually not too much.

I got an interview offer to a place up in Santa Ana… I called and told them I wasn’tinterested… It was some random job involving more business then I care for right now.

I also have a meeting set up at work with the new Business opps guy… We’re going to talk about some projects I’m going to be taking over. That could be exciting. Though he mentioned PHP, which I haven’t done anything with in a long while, so I’m kinda nervous about that.

I’ve started my diet again… It’s going ok.. I’m limiting my calories, and also going to start going to the gym more. I went monday, or was it tuesday… Either way, I’m sore as hell and can’t lift anything with any wieght.. It sucks ass. I guess I pushed myself too much. Going to go back tonight and just do the elyptical.

Going to retake my test tomorrow. Hopefully I can get those 5 points that I missed last time. Gah! I better.

There’s only two more episodes of GG this season. I’m so SAD that it’s ending.. I must make a trip up to LA sometime and do the whole WB tour…. Maybe May 30th, cause I’ve got the day off and Andrew should be out of school by then. That way we don’t have to miss anything.

I’m very excited about going back to Iowa this summer. I really hope that I get the chance too… Things that I want to do while back so far include:

Mitigwa (Maybe even go down to Wapello for an OA Ceremony)

State Fair




Java Joes

Art Center


Blank Park Zoo

Porn Shop

The G&G’s house.

Chat Noir

Reiman Gardens

And of course Hot tubbing/swimming at the Parents!

Well, that’s about it for now. Night all.

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