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You know. I’ve actually been thinking about a lot of stuff to write about here today, but now I can’t remember any of it. Only reason you got a long post yesterday was because I wrote reminders. I should have done that today as well I guess.

Anyways, still having solaris problems. Damon didn’t respond to me yesterday. I really hate that about him. He’s a nice enough guy. But he NEVER responds to you unless you corner him here in the office. AND he’s always saying, “Oh, I’ll send this or that to you” and he NEVER DOES. Look how long it took to get that guys name from him!

I also got a very scathing e-mail from the VP the other day (who happens to be the CEO’s brother) and of course he CCed it to the CEO. But anyways he was complaining at me about installing apache2 on the new corp webserver. (I did that because I wasn’t TOLD that they wanted 1.4, I just assumed we should use the newest version)… Well I guess I should go back first. Two days ago he sent me an e-mail saying the website didn’t work any more. After being moved from a windows box with apache1.4 onto solaris with apache2. Anyways, the website had SSI’s and it had files named *.GIF and they were referenced at *.gif. Now on windows, which doesn’t give a shit about CAPs, that wouldn’t have been a problem. But here on solaris were GIF, gif, GiF, Gif, giF, and gIF are ALL DIFFERENT FILES! Well the first e-mail he sent me said that he wanted apache1.4 installed on the machine (about 1.5 hours work to install and configure it) so that the page would work.

Now remember at this point he had NEVER TOLD ME WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS. Just that he wanted apache1.4 installed. So I asked oscar what the problem was, and found out. And fixed the problem in Apache2. (About 15 minutes work). But anways, he sent me a mean e-mail but after I talked to him about it, he understood and saw that apache2 was actually the better choice.

Not much else going on here. I’m going home early today. I’ve spent way to much time here this week already (38, plus the ten for fri). So yeah.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to be going to the beach every Sat/Sun from now on. I’ve lived here way to long and have only been to the beach a few times. So I’m going to start going every weekend and get a hot tan. 🙂

Oh, I found the BEST lj_community ever: found_photos!

Ok. laters!

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