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So, it’s been nearly 10 years now since my dad closed lake country foods. And yet the other day I ran across an old “friends” (And I put that in quotes, because apparently according to his journal we were never friends, just acquaintances, but whatever) livejournal and there was a comment complaining about the store. Anyways. I’ve always taken things about that store very personally. I’m not sure exactly why. But to me that store really meant a lot to me. But the point is that this comment hurt me again… Here 10 years later. I really want to punch the idiots of PC that don’t get it. There’s not much you can do in a town that small when people don’t want to even support a grocery store. At least my dad lasted there for 12 or 13 years before he closed.. Jubilee lasted a whole 2 years. Stupid fucks.

It was however kind of amusing to read this old “friends’ journal and see what he’s up to in his life… Apparetnly not much, I always thought he’d be a person to really “make” it in life, but I guess he’s still living at home and not going to school. Eh.

I think I got Oscar talked into using WordPress for his journal.. Yay! Everyone should know the powers that be in WordPress. They are god like. 🙂

I’m starting to get better at this whole solaris thing. Damon jumpstarted my box yesterday… And now it works much better. It works with Kerb, and apt-get works now, which is always hot. I formatted and isntalled yesterday morning after I couldn’t figure out that damn error. Now I’ve got the box back up and running however i’ve got some questions for him. Basically minor things. like, SSH doesn’t start on boot, and it tries to mount a filesystem even though it’s told NOT to mount it on boot. Also for some reason there’s two apache’s istalled. Apache-perl starts and apache fails. Very strange. I need to figure out which one’s which.

Also mysql has a broken package, but whatever.

Lately in the news there’s been these things about shooting on the 55… It’s really scary because I used to DRIVE right past that area every day I went up to Orange. I’m glad that I’m not driving on the 55 any more.. But sad that I’m no longer going to Orange daily.

I’ve been noticing that my arms are starting to get bigger as well. So working out is going on well, however I’m not loosing the weight that I want to be. I’m sad about that. I’m still the same as when I started. However, maybe I’m gaining enough muscle that it’s cancelling out what I’ve lost in fat. I’m not seeing any fat difference though.

Speaking of the gym, there was a HOT boy in the locker room last night. He was wearing this little ass speedo, which I could have SWORN was from UorI. It was black and gold and had a little hawkeye on it. I should have talked to him and asked, cause he was hot. Rarr.

They had my exit closed last night as well, which was an annoyance cause I had to drive up to South Coast and turn around to get here. Stupid road work. At least I’m not driving through the shit in Downtown DM though, or even downtown here! lol. I’d hate to be in that construction.

My mom called yesterday as well and told me the salary range for that posistion, it’s 32,000-64,000. She said I should ask for at least 50,000. If I can get that I’ll have to seriosly consider moving back. But I’m guessing they’ll offer me in the mid to high 30’s. Which would still be more then the equivelent of what I make here. I also have to find out if they will pay for relocation.

Ok, I’ve written enough. Laters all.

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