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Three Day Weekend

TGIF, and thank god I have a three day weekend!

I’m really burned out today for some reason. Maybe it’s because NOTHING EVER WORKS RIGHT FOR ME!

Damon got mysql installed. I needed to install libxml2. So I did ‘apt-get install libxml2’

It complained about something and told me to run ‘apt-get -F install’… So I did, and it fucking UNINSTALLED mysql!

God damnit.

So now I have to get him to re-install it.

And I was so close to, I had rt working, it was logging in, I was just about ready to fucking import the production DB and then make the domain thing work. GAH! GAH!!! Why’s Solaris hate me so.

I feel bad too because this was supposed to be done by today. Which it’s clearly not going to get done. I really hate missing deadlines.

I have a lot to do this weekend. Mainly car type things. Oil, wash, vac, etc. I also need to get a haircut. But I just don’t have enough money for all that. I wish this place was like Krell where paychecks would go through on Friday if payday fell on a weekend, but no… Here they go through on MONDAY! Fuckers. If it’d go through today, I could afford it.

Alas, I could take money out of savings, but then I wouldn’t make my goal of $4,000 savings by the end of the month. And I really want to stay on track for this year, because by Dec I should have about $9,000 saved. $4,000 of that will go to my Roth, $1,500 to a years worth of insurance, and then I can use the rest of that for something fun! Like maybe a trip to Mexico for my birthday or some shit like that. I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get a bonus again this year and I can use that towards my fun thing!

Hmm, what else to talk about…. Oh! I had a dream last night, that my interview went really well and they offered to fly me back to Iowa.. So I went back on Friday morning and then flew back here Monday afternoon. It was so much fun! I hope it really happens…. But I am very nervous about it. And then what if they offer me a job for the same as I make here… Or even better, what if they offer me MORE! Do I really want to move back? Or should I stay here, or should I look somewhere else? I fear that if I go back to Iowa now, I’ll be stuck there for life… Or at least for a long amount of time. What will happen to my dream of living in lots of places… What about Boston, or SC, or Chicago and all those other places! So much to stress about. Don’t be surprised if I get sick again here soon….. I’ve found I get very sick when I’m stressed… Look at how bad I was when I moved here!

So another story… Yesterday morning it was raining like a mofo when I left to go home for work, most people were doing about 60 or so on the interstate and there was this one guy probably doing at least 70, maybe 80 in the far right lane… well he lost control, skidded all the way across 7 lanes of traffic, nearly missed me in the far left lane. SLAMMED into the center divder…. Skidded back across three lanes of traffic (Nearly missing me again), SLAMMED into a moving/step van type thing and then skidded back across traffic and hit the center divider again… Finally stopping….. Oh, and did I mention it was a brand new (still had the dealer plates) BMW 5 series? Sucks to be that guy… You’d have thought he was driving on pure ice or something! Idiot… But seriously there was an accident like every half a mile on the way home. People here do NOT know how to drive in anything but sun!

I made some honey wheat bread when I got home yesterday morning too. It wasn’t as good as it should have been. I think my yeast is dead, or getting old at least. It’s still really good tasting, just didn’t rise as much as it should have, so it’s a little tough. Thankfully Good Eats last night was about making bread. So I learned! 🙂

I’ve decided that I’m going to take the time to download Tiger, so that I can at least be using it before I have the money to buy it (Probably something I’ll buy with my fun money at the end of the year). Anyways, it’s got 23 hours left 🙂 Hopefully it continues to transfer this fast. The next challenge is getting it burned to DVD.

Laters all.

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After downloaded is that something you could burn to CD?

And maybe mail to an old friend? 😉


Remember all the things about Iowa you used to hate-yeah-they’re still here. And it’s like 40 freakin degrees. Wanna switch places for a month?

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