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  • LA Auto Show

    I’ve really been sucking at this whole updating thing, eh? So last weekend was the LA Auto show which was tons of fun! Lots of neat cars and shit to go see. I can’t wait till I get my millions to buy a new car. Sunday was rock climbing which was a lot of fun. […]

  • Canyoneering!

    Hmm, it’s been a while, eh? Well not much has really been going on. I’ve been busy as per usual but nothing to interesting. Last weekend I hung out with Kris a lot and took him rock climbing. It was freezing out there! We did some other random stuff as well. This weekend was pretty […]

  • Halloween!

    What a freaking ridiculous weekend! So Friday I got off work and headed out to WeHo to meet up with Steve. We got there and ate dinner and drank a lot and then headed out to WeHo. Walked down the street and took HUNDREDS of pictures with lots of RANDOM ass people in crazy costumes. […]

  • I Should Fire Myself!

    Sooo a few annoying things! First I just found out that I don’t get to use any of my vacation time for a full YEAR at my company!! What the fuck. You have got to e kidding me! I should be able to use my vacation time as it becomes available! This seems absolutely ridiculous […]

  • San Diego and Dreaming!

    Another trip to San Diego and another great time! I love that city and it makes me want to move there even more every time I visit! Last week was VERY productive! Aaron got here early on Thursday morning and we went out for breakfast and then came to the office. We analysed everything and […]