Wierd Times At The Krell Institute

So this morning has a been a bit wierd and exciting all at the same time!

I got into work at 8 this mornig, like I do every morning and was catching up on what had happened over night, you know, news, tech stuff, logs etc. When Rachel comes into my office with some guy behind her.

She said something about this guy talked to someone yesterday about a computer problem and that they had told him to bring it on in. So I was like, well it must have been one of the other guys that work here, and they must know him or something. So I had him bring the computer into the other PT’s office and he told me all about the problem and then left his contact info and stuff.

Then he left, and I went into Rachel and and I was like, “Who the hell was that?” and she said she had no clue. So then we were talking about it and she was like, “Do you think he meant to take it over to that computer repair place across the street?” And I was like, “That has to be it.” So I called them up and explained the situtation to them and they were like, ‘Yep, we’re expecting an e-machine.”

So then they came over and picked it up. But I just thought it reall random and wierd. What a freaking crazy. I’m just REALLY glad that I didn’t have to call the guy and be like, “Yeah, so you’re in an idiot and we don’t fix computers.” lol

Also I got my paycheck today and I made about $200 more then I was expecting this month. So that’s REALLY exciting. It means that I won’t be as strapped for money as I thought I would be when I go out to Cali this week. Way exciting times.

I also have to remember to call Radio Tradio next Saturday morning on my way home, because I really want to get a few things sold. Then the week after I get back from Cali is going to be a HUGE e-baying week along with a HUGE decision making week.

As Andrew eluded to on his journal, I think I’ve made up my mind about where I’m going to live along with how I’m moving out there. But I don’t want to go into to much detail before I find out more information next week.

Also, As Andrew said, I’m really pulling for this one job that I have an interview for. Basically the story is that there was a job for a COBOL programmer on Monster.com…

I sat there for like a day debating with myself if I should apply for it or not. I mean, it’d be HORRIBLE if that were the only job offer I got, then I’d essentially have to take it and then do something that I EXTREMELY REALLY HORRIBLY HATE! Because I HATE programming, but I EXTREMELY REALLY HORRIBLY HATE COBOL programming…. Well the guy e-mailed me back and was like… “Well you’re not good enough for the COBOL job, but how about interviewing for a job we’re not advertising, and that I was just thinking about adding…. A Systems Administrator job”

So I was like, Sweet! And told him sure. So I REALLY hope that I can get that job, it’s super close to Andrew, and close to the potential apartment that I’ll be living in, and it’d be what I want to do! Well, it’d REALLY be what I want to do if you added, UNIX or LINUX infront of the title. But I doubt that’ll happen.

It does however seem that they use a lot of Unix/Linux systems at the place, and they guy that I’m interviewing with seems very smart, at least from what I got from the group postings that I’ve found about him on google. So that’s a little intimidating. But I’m sure I can handle it.

Wish me luck everyone and send me good vibes on Tuesday at 11am Cali time!

Laters all.

Also my mother just sent me an e-mail with potential people to invite to Graduation. In which she said:
“Sibbel side (yes, including the witch)”
And I’m like, “WHO THE HELL is the witch????” Because if anything there’s a witch on the black side, not the sibbel side. Crazyness…

But on this topic… If you have any ideas of people that I can invite to my graduation and will give me money… Leave me comments!!!


Quality Mover…. Not So Quality

Ok, so a while back I requested a qoute from this place called Quality Movers…

After I got the quote, they started e-mailing me EVERY day with the following e-mail…

I don’t know if you recall me giving you an estimate a short while ago.  I just thought I’d touch base with you to see if whether or not you have chosen yourself a mover, or if you decided to do the move yourself. If you can either call me or email me with a response, I would appreciate it!

Peter V.
Senior Relocation Consultant

Since that time I have responded to EVERY single one of those e-mails being asked to be REMOVED from the list and for them to stop e-mailing me.

Yesterday I finally got so fed up with them that I send this e-mail:
DO NOT E-MAIL ME AGAIN or I WILL report you to the BBB.

To which I got this reply:
what is your full name to delete you then??? ITS THAT SIMPLE! or do what you have to do.

I replied:
My full name is Chris Black

I’ve asked you numerous times to stop e-mailing me and this is the FIRST time
I’ve gotten a responce asking any addition information.

To which I received:
You don’t need to threaten to get your way. This is the 1st time I’ve gotten an e-mail from you as well. You are now deleted from our system. GOOD LUCK!

Which is obviously a lie! Because I have e-mailed them nearly EVERY day for the last couple weeks! So I respond:
Obviously I do have to threaten to get my way.

Good luck to you too in keeping clients. With that attitude, you won’t be doing business long.

And then this morning I get this… Which is the best of them all:
NOT doing business with YOU will help me stay in business longer!

Oh, yeah… Well fuck you too Mr.

I’m off to find some moving company rating website so that I can bash the hell out of them… Then I’m going to call this guy’s supervisor and bitch at him.

No one treats your customers or potential customers like this.

You know what’s even worse! When you go to Google and type in “Quality Moving” this is the first thing to come up.

Maybe An Update

Ok, well this week has been going really well, up tell last night. But that will be saved for a private update. Tuesday we didn’t really do much but sit around, we did go to the ghetto gym here on Campus, hey at least we didn’t have to pay! I forget what we did the rest of the day, I’m sure we sat around a lot or something. But it was fun.

Wed we didn’t work out, but headed back to DM pretty early. Like 1ish. We were supposed to meet up with Jenny at 3, but had some errands to run first. So we went and did those. We now have a joint checking account, lol. Long story. I’ll be taking his name off the account at the end of the month though. lol.

We also went to WF to give Courtney some flowers for helping us out. The Security gaurd was an ass and wouldn’t let us go up, so that annoyed both Andrew and I. After that we called Jenny and she wasn’t home, so we went off and did other things tell like 5ish. Finally met up with her at B&N and caught up on all the gossip. Good times there. lol. Though I had no idea who half the people they were talking about were. Oh well. I can deal.

After that we hung around tell 8ish when we went to meet up with Court at her house. From there it was off to the new years party. It was tons of fun. Though they had this game, which I really hate, and didn’t want to play. But everyone was trying to get me to play it. I don’t like games like that because I don’t think well when put under the pressure of that situation.

Court also invited me to her B-day dinner, which I felt was very very nice of her, and it made me feel good. But a couple days ago I had quite the break down about things, not regarding her, but mostly about my b-day coming up… And this doesn’t really belong here, but I just felt like throwing it in. So yeah, breakdown == bad. I just don’t like my b-day. Andrew comforted me, and hopefully this year will be good.

We finally broke from there about 1ish I think, after having ate WAY to much! Headed back to my house where I got REALLY pissed off at my dad. But I don’t want to write about that.

Got up the next morning, had a bit of a yell at father and then headed back to Ames, where we spent the rest of the day. Got into a bit of a tiff last night, but everything is good as of now. I think mostly I was just tired and very easily annoyed.

Today I got up and we were going to go work out, but the gymn didn’t open tell 10. So I came into work and have been here since 9. I’ll work tell 5.

The other day I found out about something incredibly sweet. And it was very very nice. It made me happy!

We just got out of the staff meeting a bit ago. We had a VERY long one today, because some how we got onto the topic of the Iowa Education system and how it used to be REALLY good, but now the politicians are taking the idea that it’s not Iowa’s core value. People expressed that they feel that Iowa has decided that since all it’s educated people leave the state once they graduate, why spend the money to educate them. I agree. And I think if they want people to stay in the state, they need to offer jobs that AREN’T insurance. Grrr.

Anyways, I’m out. I’m working on Resumes and Cover Letters. I’ve found some REALLY good jobs that I think I might have a shot at getting.

Laters all


I Love Google!

Why’s it so COLD!?!?

Today’s been a bit arrravating. I guess.

Things overall have been going good, much better then the start of the week.
So that’s a plus. But other things havn’t been going so good.

Last week sometime, Andrew got me started on my dream, once again. Owning a
consulting firm, a specialized one. I talked to Barb today about it, and she
said she deffinitally thinks there’s going to be a market for it. So that’s
promising information. Though she says that what I want to do, I’ll have to
do a lot of volunteer work to get started into it. In other words, I have to
get my foot in the door by doing it for free to start, and then move on to
charging, and actually getting the business aspect of it going.

She did give me a lot of tips though as to how to get into it, and also how to
get started in it. Also told me of some classes that I should take, either at
a Community college, or a junior college. I woudn’t have to go to a real
college, or get another degree. Just get some expertise in some other areas
of the business which I want to get into.

She also said that I may be to limiting in wanting to focus on Open Source
solutions. Because the clientele that I’m looking at is very bad at changing
things. But I think that I can get it into their heads. I just have to have
the authority to do it. Whereas here, I don’t have that authority. Also good
news was that she has contacts in the area that I’m looking at going moving
too, so that’ll also help with getting my foot in the door.

Anyways, the aggravting part of the day was Nazanin. We got the second rack in
today, and also a few other things. I have my ideas of how it should be set
up, and it’s the way that this thing SHOULD be set up. She on the other had
has stupid ideas of how it should be done. Very annoying. She won’t listen to
me at all about it.

I also found out that she doesn’t like the way that my office is set up and
she wants to re-arrange it. Not from her, but from someone else. I have a
feeling that one of these days, I’m going to come into my office and find it
all completely changed. I won’t be happy about that.

I moved my office to the way that it is now, because I was sick of people
coming in behind me and scaring the shit out of me. I was also very VERY sick
of her, because she would always come in and stand right behind me and just
stare over my shoulder and not say/do anything. It was very annoying and I
hated it.

If she wants to know what I’m doing, all she has to do is ask!!!

Now I’m on the phone with Dell Tech support, because our Harmony server is
VERY VERY loud. I mean, yeah, rack mount servers are supposed to be fairly
loud. But this one is very unaceptable loud. So I’ve called them three or
four times, and complained and each time they come up with a different
answer. The first time it was that sometimes the fans spin at 10,000 RPMs
when they should be spinning at 6500-7500 RPMs. So I checked into that, and
they were all indeed spinning in the acceptable range. The second time I
called in they asked me to do a hardware check to be sure they were all
running correctly…

The guy instited that “correctly” was different from the acceptable RPM range.
So I did the test which he asked me to do, which took a few hours, and they
were STILL way too loud.

Called back, the third time, they said to update the BIOS and EPM software, it
was supposedly a software problem. So hung up, went and did that… STILL

So Now I’m calling back, and told the guy off. He says he’s doing “research”
now. Mostly because I told him esactly where on his website to go to learn
about the problem that we’re having, Because it’s been complained about
before, and there’s a ton of people complaining about it on their own forum,
and also on the google forums. I’ll report aobut his “research” once he’s

Had a Poli Sci test on Thursday, it went alright. Though they changed up the
Essay/EC from the last test, so I didn’t study what I should have. I studied
the same types of things that they asked about on the last test, for this
test. Because on the last test, the essays were about WWI, and if it was
inevitable or not. Well this time, even though we covered WWII and the Cold
War and he had slides JUST like the WWI slides, the essays weren’t about

Very annoying.

Anyways, I have to leave. So I’ll finish this later

Better Days

So things are getting better. I’ve been keeping myself very busy today. I got up about 8, and showered, then did hw tell 9, went and tanned. After that rode my bike to campus, and lounged around on tanning and reading. At noon I went to class and then biked to work.

Work from 2:30 tell 7, from there to Sam’s to get food. I now have food in my house, and it’s mostly healthy. The only thing that I got that wasn’t was some breadsticks…. So yummy though!

After that, I sat around and watched the end of “JAG” whilst I ate supper, then I went and walked/ran for an hour. That takes us up tell 9, when I came home and watched Will And Grace. Now here I am updating and watching the news. Good times.

I’ve created myself a LJ account, and started a friends list. So that’ll cut down on some of the links on the side. That’ll all be changed with the updates. I have a lot of neat things coming up and some more planned.

First thing is the moods. I’ve added a cool little thing for moods, much like LJ/Deadjournal/etc.

Second is music. I’ve added a thing for music, again much like LJ/Deadjournal/etc.

Third is private entries. For those with passwords to read my private entries, instead of loggin in and going to the backend of b2, they now log in which will take them back to the front page and will be able to see the private entries there, mixed in with the regular entries. They will then also be able to see/search/etc the archived private entries. This will also allow me to keep private entires that are now public entries marked as originally private.

Fourth is a new search. The current search is very primative, and therefore returns ANYTHING with any search word in the post. The new one will take a boolean approach. It will also be less processor intensive, as the current one searchs the entire database each time there’s a search (Now all 960 some entries). The new one will search a seperate database which essentially has a list of words, and all the posts that they are contained in. If you use an “AND” boolean, ie “Mandrake AND Linux”. It will find MANDRAKE in the database and then find LINUX in the database and return entries which appear in BOTH those lists… It will also highlight keywords. And to keep from returning entries with common words, it doesn’t index those (Much like google.com doesn’t include ‘the’, ‘and’ etc in it’s returns)

The only thing left to implement is the people popups, which is in the current live version, but I have yet to implement that code into the development version. After that code is in, I have to figure out all the database changes that have to be made to the live database, and carefully do those changeovers. Very exciting stuff going on here…

But again, I have YET to get to that damn visual thing. Perhaps tomorrow whilst at work, or Friday/Saturday when I’m sitting around my house doing absolutely nothing.

I have a doc appointment Thursday at 7:45. Hopefully they’ll give me Paxil. If not, I’ll complain and ask for it. I have an appointment with Barloon in late June, the first time she had availiable.

It’s 11:20 out there, what are you doing?