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Better Days

So things are getting better. I’ve been keeping myself very busy today. I got up about 8, and showered, then did hw tell 9, went and tanned. After that rode my bike to campus, and lounged around on tanning and reading. At noon I went to class and then biked to work.

Work from 2:30 tell 7, from there to Sam’s to get food. I now have food in my house, and it’s mostly healthy. The only thing that I got that wasn’t was some breadsticks…. So yummy though!

After that, I sat around and watched the end of “JAG” whilst I ate supper, then I went and walked/ran for an hour. That takes us up tell 9, when I came home and watched Will And Grace. Now here I am updating and watching the news. Good times.

I’ve created myself a LJ account, and started a friends list. So that’ll cut down on some of the links on the side. That’ll all be changed with the updates. I have a lot of neat things coming up and some more planned.

First thing is the moods. I’ve added a cool little thing for moods, much like LJ/Deadjournal/etc.

Second is music. I’ve added a thing for music, again much like LJ/Deadjournal/etc.

Third is private entries. For those with passwords to read my private entries, instead of loggin in and going to the backend of b2, they now log in which will take them back to the front page and will be able to see the private entries there, mixed in with the regular entries. They will then also be able to see/search/etc the archived private entries. This will also allow me to keep private entires that are now public entries marked as originally private.

Fourth is a new search. The current search is very primative, and therefore returns ANYTHING with any search word in the post. The new one will take a boolean approach. It will also be less processor intensive, as the current one searchs the entire database each time there’s a search (Now all 960 some entries). The new one will search a seperate database which essentially has a list of words, and all the posts that they are contained in. If you use an “AND” boolean, ie “Mandrake AND Linux”. It will find MANDRAKE in the database and then find LINUX in the database and return entries which appear in BOTH those lists… It will also highlight keywords. And to keep from returning entries with common words, it doesn’t index those (Much like doesn’t include ‘the’, ‘and’ etc in it’s returns)

The only thing left to implement is the people popups, which is in the current live version, but I have yet to implement that code into the development version. After that code is in, I have to figure out all the database changes that have to be made to the live database, and carefully do those changeovers. Very exciting stuff going on here…

But again, I have YET to get to that damn visual thing. Perhaps tomorrow whilst at work, or Friday/Saturday when I’m sitting around my house doing absolutely nothing.

I have a doc appointment Thursday at 7:45. Hopefully they’ll give me Paxil. If not, I’ll complain and ask for it. I have an appointment with Barloon in late June, the first time she had availiable.

It’s 11:20 out there, what are you doing?

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Hey Chris,
Its Julians friend Beth… its still Tues May 27 and its only 10:58 at my house, and yet…. I am reading your entry.. Me thinks the time in the entry is wrong. 🙂 Hope the rest of your week till Andrew gets back is as productive as today was for ya.

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