The LJ Fiasco (By ADAM)

Funny story…

I come home from work tonight and go to my Livejournal to go to my friends page, and checks everyones journals. I get to my journal not to find the white, with black boxes that normally greet me…nope…I found some other random style, and everything is yellow and black. Interesting.

The only way to change those are to log in to my account and go into the settings and change it. For the record, I definately did not do that.

There are TWO people in this world that know my password. Me and ONE other person. And I’d *really* like to think he has at least one iota of respect and maturity in his body, enough to tell him, “This is a bad idea, ass.”

Clearly he doesn’t. I later read on his (non-Live) journal that he today got a livejournal account. Ironic co-incidence. While creating your own, decided to fuck with mine in the process? Nice.

For the record I’ve changed my password so this sort of “incident” doesn’t happen again. I hope to god my layout is ALL you changed or messed with…and you havn’t jumped into Fuckfaceland FULLY with both feet.

Now being who I am, I’ll give him the benifet of the doubt. If I am COMEPLETELY off base here, and some random crazy hacked my journal, and you know who has NOTHING to do with it, I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. But if I’m right on, and he did, well then…you’re an uber ass…and I can’t believe you’d do that.

*Also, this is NOT to cause a flame war via my live journal…no one leave nasty comments, please. If you have something to say, you know how to contact me in other ways.*

4 responses to “The LJ Fiasco (By ADAM)”

  1. Lets face it, we all know that you’re talking about me doing this here…

    It’s nice that you could be so fucking mature about it and contact me in a private way, last I knew I hadn’t changed e-mails/IM accounts, and you could have just as easily sent me an e-mail asking if I had done it then to put a public entry here.

    Grow up, I have better things to do then fuck with your lj setting, ass.

  2. (07:57:34) BlackC 2004: You fucking ass… Thanks for thinking that I’m such an asshole… For your infomation, I got the LJ code from ANDREW, and I did not TOUCH your’s.

    Grow up.

  3. (08:08:18) AcerSai: Sometimes I’m wrong. You’re the only person who has the password to any of my accounts so I was left to assume. after the day I had yesterday that was just the icing on the cake. If it wasn’t you, I apoligise for MY imaturity and the last thing I want to do is cause even more shit between us. We were *just* getting to a point where things wern’t bad bewteen us. They aren’t good either but, you not being an enemy is a goal.
    (08:08:18) BlackC 2004 : I’m off to work so that I can be a good little boy and buy people things…

    And by people, I mean ME!
    (08:09:44) AcerSai: So I will edit my last post accordingly, and I hope we can leave it at that. Again, having one more reason for us to be negative to eachother is the last thing either of us needs. I’m sorry.
    (08:14:14) AcerSai: The entry was deleted, and I posted a retraction. Hopefully along with my apoligy, that is enough.
    (08:14:14) BlackC 2004 : I’m off to work so that I can be a good little boy and buy people things…

    And by people, I mean ME!

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