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One Thing I Miss

Ok, so I’ve figured out what the only thing so far I miss about being with Adam, is that I could have sex (as in SEX) whenever I wanted it. Not that that’s a big deal, but I’ve been horny for that the last couple days. And once I get into meds, my sex drive will plummet. As if it hasn’t already, I mean. I’ve had a sex drive, but not a very good one really. I’ll gladly make Andrew cum, but usually by the time it gets to me, I’m not in the mood to do it, well actually, I’m usually not in the mood the whole time (For making myself cum that is, I’m always in the mood for making other people cum, well as long as I’m not too tired!)

Anyways, after the fiasco today with LJ, I again am reassured that breaking it off with him was the right thing to do. And now I just want to leave a message on his LJ telling everyone what a manipulative bitch he is. Grrrr.

On to better things now…

I didn’t think that Andrew had left me a private entry before he left, but last night I went there too read some of his old ones again, and I found an entry there from him that said:

Here’s your update
I will miss you tons and will be thinking about you every day!!!!!!!!!!

I started crying…. I’ve been way to emotional lately. But it was really sweet. And I hope that he is thinking about me every day, because I know that I’m thinking about him everyday. And hopefully he’s not just like “Oh, Chris” at just one point of the day. Eh, whatever. Just so I don’t sound like too much of a crazy obsessive I’m going to stop here.

Although I am really really going to miss him once he moves to college. And I’m scared about where things are going with us when that happens. But I guess the best way to find out is to wait and see what happens in August.

I miss you Drew Bear!

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