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Quality Mover…. Not So Quality

Ok, so a while back I requested a qoute from this place called Quality Movers…

After I got the quote, they started e-mailing me EVERY day with the following e-mail…

I don’t know if you recall me giving you an estimate a short while ago.  I just thought I’d touch base with you to see if whether or not you have chosen yourself a mover, or if you decided to do the move yourself. If you can either call me or email me with a response, I would appreciate it!

Peter V.
Senior Relocation Consultant

Since that time I have responded to EVERY single one of those e-mails being asked to be REMOVED from the list and for them to stop e-mailing me.

Yesterday I finally got so fed up with them that I send this e-mail:
DO NOT E-MAIL ME AGAIN or I WILL report you to the BBB.

To which I got this reply:
what is your full name to delete you then??? ITS THAT SIMPLE! or do what you have to do.

I replied:
My full name is Chris Black

I’ve asked you numerous times to stop e-mailing me and this is the FIRST time
I’ve gotten a responce asking any addition information.

To which I received:
You don’t need to threaten to get your way. This is the 1st time I’ve gotten an e-mail from you as well. You are now deleted from our system. GOOD LUCK!

Which is obviously a lie! Because I have e-mailed them nearly EVERY day for the last couple weeks! So I respond:
Obviously I do have to threaten to get my way.

Good luck to you too in keeping clients. With that attitude, you won’t be doing business long.

And then this morning I get this… Which is the best of them all:
NOT doing business with YOU will help me stay in business longer!

Oh, yeah… Well fuck you too Mr.

I’m off to find some moving company rating website so that I can bash the hell out of them… Then I’m going to call this guy’s supervisor and bitch at him.

No one treats your customers or potential customers like this.

You know what’s even worse! When you go to Google and type in “Quality Moving” this is the first thing to come up.

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