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A Chat With Mother

So last night my mother called me asking about a time that would be good for a family photo.

During the conversation she brought up that I might be moving like right after graduation. I told her I’d be here for like a month after graduation at the least. She said that I should let her know if I needed any help moving and she’d take time off work. I then asked her… “If I pay for gas, would you drive me and my stuff out there.” She said we could “Work something out.”

She then went on to say that we might just sell all my stuff now and buy me all new shit once I got there, depending on how much it’ll cost to move all the shit. She also said that we can pull a trailor with her truck, which should be a ton cheaper then renting a real truck thing to do it. So I have to call today and check that out.

But the selling/buying idea seems the best to me. I mean all the shit that i REALLY need can fit into my car… IE, Computers/Clothes. Everything else that I have will fit in around it. (Pictures, books, etc) and the rest isn’t nessecary stuff. (Couch, bed, etc.)

Though Andrew said that he’d take the couch if I didn’t want it. So we’ll have to see about getting it out there and whatnot.

Also more plans on the whole moving thing. Last night Andrew called me and said that Byron might/does need a roomie. IT’s a two bedroom and there’d be three of us sharing, I’d have a single room. I guess Byron’s seen it and it’s nice. So I’m seriously contemplating that. Though I don’t know how well I’d enjoy living with roomies after living by myself for a year. But it’s a really good idea because it’d give me more then enough time to get my feet on the ground. And if things work out, and I move there in June, I’d still have like the 2 months free rent with living with Andrew.

So this is a really positive looking thing. I’m going to meet Byron and check out the place next week while I’m there. Hopefully I’ll have final decisions by the end of April. I guess I’ll have to have them by then… Eh.

So everything there is looking up. And I can’t wait to get out there next week.

I just set up my interview for Tuesday at 11, so that’s sweet action.

And it’s currently 85 there… Woot! I can’t wait.

Laters all.

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