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  • Sweetest Thing.

    Andrew has just done one of the SWEETEST things anyone has ever done for me!!! Words can not describe how happy I am right now! 😀 About 9ish I was looking for my tanning googles, but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE! So I thought to myself, perhaps they are in my car. So I went […]

  • Funny Links

    Gay Flies! Microsoft is HELL! Funny Quotes Do You drive a GAY Car? Bush Points out Shiny thing! (Click first link!

  • April 19, 2001

    april 19, #4. <bored> lol. i was temped at leaving it at just that, but then i was like, nah, i’ll actually write something. i dunno what i’ll write but i guess i’ll write something. i have to go to class in a bout an hour or so, i’m kinda nervous as to going, cause […]