April 19, 2001

april 19, #4. <bored> lol. i was temped at leaving it at just that,

but then i was like, nah, i’ll actually write something. i dunno what i’ll

write but i guess i’ll write something. i have to go to class in a bout an

hour or so, i’m kinda nervous as to going, cause travis knows i’m in that

class, but yeah. it’s just kinda there in my head. oh well. it’ll either go

good or bad, so what’s the problem? lol i got a bunch more poems that i’ll

have to get up sometime, most of them are really good, not as good as the

ones that i did have and my pu’s got rid of, but they are good. they’re mostly

about love and such. i’m really not in a mood to look for poems right now.

there was one really good one in my Intro to lit class that i took last year,

i’ll have to see if i can find that book. hehe, dysson. what a great name

for a dog, lol. "life is like a circle" damnit i can’t find the

lryics for that song. even google can’t find them 🙁 that’s a really good

song. oh well. i like suckers orange suckers are the best.

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