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April 19, 2001

april 19, #5, so i’ve said alot today, but i really haven’t said anything,

yeah. ok well i just got back from accounting, and travis was there, you could

tell he was really tense, lol. it was funny watching him, but pete called

and said i should start working on an outline for my teaching schedule, and

he had given me a few pointers and stuff, so i worked on that the whole hour,

so i didn’t really pay much attention. i got half of my contract, i’m sure

i’ve mentioned that before. i’m going to make 1,225 for the first part of

the summer, so by the time the summers over i should make about 2,100 or so

that’s my guess. i really need that money, lol. i have training days every

weekend in may, that’s going to suck, but at least it gets me out of the house

on the weekends. i won’t be able to help my cousin move though in june cause

we have a training day june 1-3 and that’s the weekend she was going to move.

so yeah. but i’m also going to miss the first two sessions, so i think that

will void my bonus at the end of the season, i hope it doesn’t it’s not like

it’s my fault i’m going to miss them. i’m in sd, they can’t expect me to drive

back just for 8 hours of training, sure it’s needed, but he said i could make

it up during the weeks that i’m home and just go up there and work with smokey

(the ranger) and chris (my boss from last summer). i hope pete’s not the camp

director for cub camp to this summer cause if he is, it’s not going to be

much fun then, last year was great, chris is so cool to work with, lol. other

then that one minor problem, someone went through all the staff tents and

took all the shoes that were left in there during the day and tied them all

into one HUGE knot. we had to cut most of the shoe laces to get them undone,

i was really pissed cause they took my good boots and i had to get new laces

for them. that wasn’t good, lol. i should go see what’s for supper, but i’m

not really all that hungry. i’ve been really tired again lately, it’s thursday

though, so that’s good news. oh. if you’re ever home on wed nights, there’s

this show on PBS from 9-10 called american high, it’s really pretty good,

it’s one of those realality tv things, which i usually don’t like, but this

one’s pretty good. but it might not be on on wed’s there, that’s when it’s

on here. yeah. i’ll leave now.

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