My Life

April 19, 2001

april 19, #6, ROFLOL. my dad just called me and was like "Hey, we got

your phone bill for last month, there’s a bunch of calls to some place in

philly, it adds up to just over 5 hours, was there some problem with the phone"

and i was like, "no" and he was like "is that why you want

to go to philly" and i was like, no it’s just some friend that i met

at philmont, roflol. and then he was like, "well talk faster" roflol.

omg, i thought he would be sooo pissed, lol. but he didn’t say anything else

about anything, so i dunno what’s up with them, it’s all weird. wackos. and

he was like, "well normally it’s under $10 and now it’s like $40 something,

i guess i’ll have to take that out of your allowance" and i was like

"what allowance" roflol. omg.

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