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Ok, well this week has been going really well, up tell last night. But that will be saved for a private update. Tuesday we didn’t really do much but sit around, we did go to the ghetto gym here on Campus, hey at least we didn’t have to pay! I forget what we did the rest of the day, I’m sure we sat around a lot or something. But it was fun.

Wed we didn’t work out, but headed back to DM pretty early. Like 1ish. We were supposed to meet up with Jenny at 3, but had some errands to run first. So we went and did those. We now have a joint checking account, lol. Long story. I’ll be taking his name off the account at the end of the month though. lol.

We also went to WF to give Courtney some flowers for helping us out. The Security gaurd was an ass and wouldn’t let us go up, so that annoyed both Andrew and I. After that we called Jenny and she wasn’t home, so we went off and did other things tell like 5ish. Finally met up with her at B&N and caught up on all the gossip. Good times there. lol. Though I had no idea who half the people they were talking about were. Oh well. I can deal.

After that we hung around tell 8ish when we went to meet up with Court at her house. From there it was off to the new years party. It was tons of fun. Though they had this game, which I really hate, and didn’t want to play. But everyone was trying to get me to play it. I don’t like games like that because I don’t think well when put under the pressure of that situation.

Court also invited me to her B-day dinner, which I felt was very very nice of her, and it made me feel good. But a couple days ago I had quite the break down about things, not regarding her, but mostly about my b-day coming up… And this doesn’t really belong here, but I just felt like throwing it in. So yeah, breakdown == bad. I just don’t like my b-day. Andrew comforted me, and hopefully this year will be good.

We finally broke from there about 1ish I think, after having ate WAY to much! Headed back to my house where I got REALLY pissed off at my dad. But I don’t want to write about that.

Got up the next morning, had a bit of a yell at father and then headed back to Ames, where we spent the rest of the day. Got into a bit of a tiff last night, but everything is good as of now. I think mostly I was just tired and very easily annoyed.

Today I got up and we were going to go work out, but the gymn didn’t open tell 10. So I came into work and have been here since 9. I’ll work tell 5.

The other day I found out about something incredibly sweet. And it was very very nice. It made me happy!

We just got out of the staff meeting a bit ago. We had a VERY long one today, because some how we got onto the topic of the Iowa Education system and how it used to be REALLY good, but now the politicians are taking the idea that it’s not Iowa’s core value. People expressed that they feel that Iowa has decided that since all it’s educated people leave the state once they graduate, why spend the money to educate them. I agree. And I think if they want people to stay in the state, they need to offer jobs that AREN’T insurance. Grrr.

Anyways, I’m out. I’m working on Resumes and Cover Letters. I’ve found some REALLY good jobs that I think I might have a shot at getting.

Laters all


I Love Google!

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