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Jobs, Jobs, JOBS!

So I’ve been a bit job crazy the last couple days.

Looking up and applying to as many as I can. The good ones I’m waiting on tell I can get a good cover letter put together, which I should be working on right now, but I’m a bit stuck on it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get going on it here soon. I really really hope that I can get one of the jobs that I’m holding off on. Most of them are jobs that I can deffinitally do based on the descritptions. Most of them pay 60-100k a year. Though I have a suspicion that even though based on the descritption I’m qualified, I doubt that I am.

And even if I REALLY am, I doubt they’d hire me, because I’m right out of HS. So that sucks. But hopefully I’ll get a job at least. I’ve already applied to like 10 places. One of which is the Anaheim City School District, which has a Network Tech job open. It pays $40,000 for the school year. So I could probably make like 50-60 if I did something else during the summer. Or I could have summers off! How sweet would that be. I’d probably go back to school for summers or something though. Who knows. I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Anyways, other then jobs and the like over the last few days, I’ve nearly died, played lots of Mario and other random games and just gernerally had a good time.

Lets see, Friday night we stayed home and had a pretty good time. Didn’t really do anything, but I think we played video games and the like.

Saturday morning we got up and went and worked out, then just hung around and stuff. Eventually went to DM and ate at a buffett place. It was really good food, we felt like blargies once we were done. Headed to JJ’s after that and just sat around talking for like an hour. Talked mostly about “old” times and the like. Didn’t see anyone good.

Headed home and sat in the hot tub, more good times, then went inside and drank hot chocolate and watched tv tell like 12:30 or so. Got up Sunday morning and had to help the father with some stuff. Did that and then headed to DM to drop Andrew off with Courtney. Started going and the roads were HORRIBLE.

So I decided that we should just go back to Ames, it was to dangerous to go any farther, and I’m sure glad that we didn’t. It was HELL getting back to Ames, we were going like 20-30 miles/hour ALL the way back and stupid people in the SUV’s were just flying past us and it was white out conditions. We really should have just stayed home.

After we got home, we watched “Pirates of the Caribbean” (sp?) and then spent the night playing video games and just lounging around. I felt REALLY bad though about not getting Andrew to Courtney. I’m glad that they got to hang out today during the day though. So that’s good.

Tonight we’re meeting at Chili’s in Dm to have dinner. I don’t remember if I wrote about this or not, but the other night she asked me to come. I felt that was very nice of her. It made me feel good.

And Happy B-day Courtney!

Today I’ve been talking to lots of people online. Supposedly, I’ve got two coffee dates, we’ll see if they ever come through. Unlike stupid Gap Boy. Whore!

Anyways, that’s all

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