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Wierd Times At The Krell Institute

So this morning has a been a bit wierd and exciting all at the same time!

I got into work at 8 this mornig, like I do every morning and was catching up on what had happened over night, you know, news, tech stuff, logs etc. When Rachel comes into my office with some guy behind her.

She said something about this guy talked to someone yesterday about a computer problem and that they had told him to bring it on in. So I was like, well it must have been one of the other guys that work here, and they must know him or something. So I had him bring the computer into the other PT’s office and he told me all about the problem and then left his contact info and stuff.

Then he left, and I went into Rachel and and I was like, “Who the hell was that?” and she said she had no clue. So then we were talking about it and she was like, “Do you think he meant to take it over to that computer repair place across the street?” And I was like, “That has to be it.” So I called them up and explained the situtation to them and they were like, ‘Yep, we’re expecting an e-machine.”

So then they came over and picked it up. But I just thought it reall random and wierd. What a freaking crazy. I’m just REALLY glad that I didn’t have to call the guy and be like, “Yeah, so you’re in an idiot and we don’t fix computers.” lol

Also I got my paycheck today and I made about $200 more then I was expecting this month. So that’s REALLY exciting. It means that I won’t be as strapped for money as I thought I would be when I go out to Cali this week. Way exciting times.

I also have to remember to call Radio Tradio next Saturday morning on my way home, because I really want to get a few things sold. Then the week after I get back from Cali is going to be a HUGE e-baying week along with a HUGE decision making week.

As Andrew eluded to on his journal, I think I’ve made up my mind about where I’m going to live along with how I’m moving out there. But I don’t want to go into to much detail before I find out more information next week.

Also, As Andrew said, I’m really pulling for this one job that I have an interview for. Basically the story is that there was a job for a COBOL programmer on…

I sat there for like a day debating with myself if I should apply for it or not. I mean, it’d be HORRIBLE if that were the only job offer I got, then I’d essentially have to take it and then do something that I EXTREMELY REALLY HORRIBLY HATE! Because I HATE programming, but I EXTREMELY REALLY HORRIBLY HATE COBOL programming…. Well the guy e-mailed me back and was like… “Well you’re not good enough for the COBOL job, but how about interviewing for a job we’re not advertising, and that I was just thinking about adding…. A Systems Administrator job”

So I was like, Sweet! And told him sure. So I REALLY hope that I can get that job, it’s super close to Andrew, and close to the potential apartment that I’ll be living in, and it’d be what I want to do! Well, it’d REALLY be what I want to do if you added, UNIX or LINUX infront of the title. But I doubt that’ll happen.

It does however seem that they use a lot of Unix/Linux systems at the place, and they guy that I’m interviewing with seems very smart, at least from what I got from the group postings that I’ve found about him on google. So that’s a little intimidating. But I’m sure I can handle it.

Wish me luck everyone and send me good vibes on Tuesday at 11am Cali time!

Laters all.

Also my mother just sent me an e-mail with potential people to invite to Graduation. In which she said:
“Sibbel side (yes, including the witch)”
And I’m like, “WHO THE HELL is the witch????” Because if anything there’s a witch on the black side, not the sibbel side. Crazyness…

But on this topic… If you have any ideas of people that I can invite to my graduation and will give me money… Leave me comments!!!


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At first I was like who the hell is a dykey trucker bitch… But then I remembered you were talking about my stupid Aunt bitch whore face.

And sure, I’ll send you an invite.

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